Request a Rates Change

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Request a change to your commercial property rates

If you believe the ‘rateable valuation’ of your property is incorrect, you can apply to the Valuation Office to request a revision.

‘Rateable valuation’ is a monetary value that is based on the amount of rent that could be paid for your property on the open market, i.e. its net annual letting value. Learn how rateable valuations are used to calculate rates charges.

Request a change to a Rateable Valuation

The review process consists of the following steps:

A valuer called a ‘Revision Officer’ will contact you to arrange an appointment to inspect your property. The purpose of this visit is to assess the value of your property.

After inspecting the property, the Revision Officer will send you a draft certificate.  This document contains the proposed new valuation for your property and other details. If you are unhappy with the proposed new valuation in the draft certificate, you can send your comments to the Revision Officer within 28 days of the issue of the draft certificate. These comments must be made in writing.

Following consideration of your comments/representations, the revision officer will send you the final valuation certificate.


Appeal a proposed valuation

A. Submit an Appeal to the Valuation Office

You can appeal the new valuation to the Valuation Office within 40 days from the date of issue of the final valuation certificate. This appeal must be made on an official form and be accompanied by the appropriate fee.

Contact the Valuation Office to obtain the correct form.

The Commissioner of Valuation will consider your appeal and make a decision within six months of receiving your submission.

B. Submit an Appeal to the Valuation Tribunal

The Valuation Tribunal is an independent body set up to settle disputed valuations between the Valuation Office, ratepayers and/or Local Authorities. All appeals to the Valuation Tribunal must be preceded by an appeal to the Valuation Office

Your appeal to the Valuation Tribunal must be in writing and must specify the grounds of appeal.

Send your appeal to the following address

Valuation Tribunal
Third Floor
Holbrook House
Holles Street
Dublin 2
D02 EY84

Your appeal must be made within 28 days of the issue of the appeal decision of the Commissioner of Valuation and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee. Contact the Valuation Tribunal for further details.

The decision of the Valuation Tribunal on the amount of any valuation is final.

C. Submit an Appeal to the Courts

Points of law can be appealed via the High Court and Supreme Court.

For further details and information regarding valuations and appeals, please contact the Valuation Office.

Contact the Valuations Office for Information on Revaluations

The Valuation Office has established a number of specialised contact points if you want further information:

Tel:  (01) 817 1000

For more information


The Rates Office has relocated to Block 1, Floor 8, Civic Offices.

Please note that access to the Rates Office is through Customer Services on the Ground Floor, Block 3 Civic Offices.

Office opening hours: 09.30 to 16.00

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