Apply for a Water Meter

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A meter is used to measure the quantity of water supplied to you and then discharged into the public drainage system.

Request a water meter for an existing property

Contact us at the address below to find out when you are due to be connected.

Get a water meter for a newly built property

If you are moving into a newly built property, follow these steps to get a meter installed.

Step 1: Contact us to request a water meter

Contact us at the address below to request a meter.

Please include:

  • Your name (you must be the bill payer / water service account holder)
  • Your address
  • A daytime telephone number

Note: If you are the tenant or leaseholder, you must prove that you have the permission of your landlord in order to install a meter.

Step 2: We will arrange an appointment to visit you

Once we have received an application, our contractor (GMC Group) will contact you to arrange an appointment for a pre-installation visit. Most appointments are arranged for between 9am and 5pm.

Note: GMC Group is the engineering firm that has been contracted to install water meters on behalf of Dublin City Council.

Step 3: GMC Group will visit your property to carry out a survey

For this survey to proceed, GMC Group will need access to your building in order to examine the internal pipe work.

Note: GMC Group employees are required to carry identification. You should ask to see this when they arrive.

Step 4: Installation will proceed at an agreed date

In general, the water meter will be installed externally, as close as possible to the boundary of your property. However, in some cases, the meter may need to be installed within the property

Other information of which you need to be aware

  • The water meter hardware is the property of Dublin City Council.
  • Dublin City Council is responsible for reading and maintaining the meter.
  • Unmetered charges are payable by you up to the day the new meter is installed.

For more information

Water Services Division

Environment & Engineering Department

Marrowbone Lane

Dublin 8

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Tel: (01) 2220600
Fax: (01) 4534849