Dublin City Play Plan

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Play here, play there, play everywhere! – Dublin City Play Plan  Cover of the Play Plan 2012-2017

Dublin’s new play plan for children and young people called ‘Play Here, Play There, Play Everywhere’, was launched by the then Lord Mayor Andrew Montague on Thursday 17th May 2012.

The play plan (aimed at the 0-18 age bracket) is an initiative of Dublin City Development Board and was developed by its partner agencies with Dublin City Council as the lead agency following consultation with children, young people and their communities as well as with the delegates of Dublin City Comhairle na nÓg. It aims to provide inclusive and accessible play opportunities for children and young people of all ages, abilities and ethnic origin through adopting a city-wide coordinated approach. The principles adopted in ‘Play Here, Play There, Play Everywhere’ are that:

  • Play is essential to the social, physical, intellectual, creative, and emotional development of children and young people.
  • Children and young people’s natural creativity and imagination are enhanced through their enjoyment of play in all its forms.
  • Children and young people should be given the opportunities to play in a way that expresses mutual respect for each other, their surroundings and their communities.
  • Children and young people have a right to be seen, to be heard and to play in public spaces in the city.
  • Children and young people should be consulted in all matters concerning play in the city.
  • Working in partnership is key to achieving our vision that Dublin will be a child-friendly playful city.

To realise these principles five themes are identified which partner agencies will endeavour to work together to achieve. These themes are:

  1. Develop an awareness of play and promote its value.
  2. Work together to ensure that Dublin is a child-friendly, playful city.
  3. Create an effective city play infrastructure and improve the design of our play spaces.
  4. Work in partnership to facilitate play in the early childcare and education sectors.
  5. Support schools to facilitate the right of children and young people to play.

For further information download a copy of the Play Plan, ‘Play Here, Play There, Play Everywhere’.

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