National Play Day

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National Play Day 2020 will take place on Saturday 4th July 2020.The theme for National Play Day 2020 is Playful Communities, Playful Homes.

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Due to current government guidance on public gatherings and physical distancing Dublin City Council are unable to host National Playday 2020 event in our city’s beautiful parks. However, we will continue to celebrate National Playday by turning technology inside out to get children back outside to…..Play for Play’s sake!

This year, Dublin City Council are hosting a fun-filled VIRTUAL PLAYDAY that promises lots of fun and activity to support playful communities and families playing at home to celebrate UNCRC Article 31; the child’s right to play!


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From 1.00 – 5.00 P.M

Join us for National Playday 2020 by logging in to DCC Playday Web Page

2020 Playday "Free Stuff" Details - Creative Cabin

Meet some old and new playday friends in our ‘how to’ videos for ideas to play at home, in your garden, local park or green, precinct, street, halfway up the stairs or wherever you can play!

Create your own play spaces and games and enjoy the fun and excitement of building a den, hide n seek, playing with the arts, magic, creating stories, dress up and lots more.

Let’s bring the sound of children playing outside back to Dublin’s streets, neighbourhoods and parks by making the ‘right to play’ a reality every day!

It would be great if you could share your images or short videos of the creative and fun ways you celebrated Playday 2020 by going to  Our Let Children Play Facebook Page or  Let-Children-Play

NOTE: COVID 19 Guidelines: You will find the latest information on social distancing guidelines by visiting for all updates.



Come Out And Play Resource Booklet


 (Featuring Recreate Ireland)

Lets’ Play Creatively

Recreate Ireland will provide videos on den making and small stuff for the

View our mini ‘how to ‘short videos to get ideas for all kinds of play!

Pick up ideas for materials you need for most of the activities for playday. Recreate will provide a list of things to collect in the run up to playday so that you’re ready to go in the day.

The Cube – Let’s create our own games!

(Featuring Recreate Ireland)

This video will present Tips and ideas on creating your own ‘cube’ style challenge games that can be played inside or out.

Make a game with Jo – Recreate Mini Workshop B

Den building – Let’s make a den and then let’s make stuff to put in the den!

(Featuring Recreate Ireland)

Another great video bringing out your inner architect to create and build your own space and lots of stuff to play with inside-inside or inside- out.

Link to YouTube

Let’s make mobiles – Recreate mini workshop with Jo

Link to Youtube

Free Stuff – Packs for play to give away!

(Featuring Recreate Ireland)

Big packs suitable for large family get gatherings and small packs for individual children/families

With help from Recreate Dublin City Council will be giving away some  ‘Big Recreate Kit Boxes’ & Mini Craft Packs. See inside this play space for more details of how you can avail of this offer. Resources are limited so packs will be provided on a first come, first served basis.


(Meet some old Playday Friends who will introduce Playday)

Link to YouTube

Street Play – let’s play ‘rinso’, skipping, Hopscotch and hula-hoop!

This area provides ideas and prompts for street play by using circus skills to explain the techniques for juggling, hula-hoop, yo-yo, skipping and hopscotch. Traditional street games that will encourage children to experience street play skills outdoors.

Link to YouTube

Juggling - another mini workshop with Richard

Link to YouTube

Skipping - mini workshop with Richard

Link to YouTube

Hula Hooping is good for you! - mini workshop with Richard

Link to YouTube

Hula Hoop with your knees - Mini Workshop with Richard

Link to YouTube

Hula Hoop with your arms - Mini Workshop with Richard

Link to YouTube

Hopscotch - mini workshop

Link to YouTube

Family games – Lets play the washing line challenge, mummy toilet roll games and lots more!

(Featuring Blackthorn Arts family entertainers, Stephen, Richard, Audrey and Carla with Music attribution courtesy of Kevin MacLeod)

In here, you’ll find a fun family games video. Join in the fun by using ordinary household objects to create games that bring everyone outside to enjoy games that all the family can enjoy.

Toilet Roll  Mummy Game - Mini Workshop with Stephen and Audrey

Link to YouTube

Tea Towel Challenge - Mini Workshop with Stephen and Audrey

Link to YouTube


Dale, Nathan & Leah from ‘Naturally Wild will be telling you what you need to get ready for a wild playday adventure.

(Featuring Naturally Wild)

Bugs & Beasties – we’re going on a bug hunt!

Get ready to join Dale on an up, down, in the air, underneath bug hunt where you can explore and find all sorts of tiny creatures in your own street or garden.

Bug Hunt with Dale & Nathan

Link to YouTube

Action Man/Lego Man Challenge – Let’s make a zipline and parachute for action man and or Lego man, Barbie, Sindy, toy monkeys – whatever small figurines you have to hand!

(Featuring Naturally Wild)

This is a playful science based short video where you can explore how to test speeds and heights to construct your own mini zipline and parachute for action figures!

Link to YouTube

Dinosaur Roadshow with Dale & Co.

This prehistoric video will be an exploration of prehistoric fossils and bones on your way to meet Lealynasurus  , Muttaburrasaurus (Mammy Dino) Australavenator (Baby Dino) puppets’

Link to YouTube

Garden Tales – Let’s tell a wild story

Whew! After all, that excitement enjoy some quiet time with Leah from ‘Naturally Wild’ as she reads you some great stories of ‘Harry the Hedge Hog’, ‘Robby the Robin’ and Patricia the ‘Painted Lady Butterfly’

Harry The Hedgehog – Read By Leah

Link to YouTube

Patricia the Painted Lady – Read by Leah

Link to YouTube

Robbie the Christmas Robin  - Read by Leah

Link to YouTube


Let’s do magic too!

(Featuring Pat Fallon ABC Magic)

Join the wise and wizardly Pat as he performs mini magic shows and if you are really good he will let you in on some ‘magic secrets’ by showing you some amazing magic tricks so that you can be ‘the magician or wizard’ of your own magic show indoors or out.

Introduction to new tricks – mini magic workshop with Pat the Magician

Link to YouTube

Instant knot trick  - mini workshop with Pat the Magician

Link to YouTube

Jumping Rubber bands – mini workshop with Pat the Magician

Link to YouTube

Freaky Fingers – mini workshop with Pat the Magician

Link to YouTube

Ah the old paperclip trick  - mini workshop with Pat the Magician

Link to YouTube

And the ring off the rope trick mini workshop with Pat the Magician

Link to YouTube

And now for your pleasure – 2 x  mini magic show with Pat the Magician

Link to YouTube

Magic Show 1

Link to YouTube

Magic Show 2

Link to YouTube


DCC Sports Partnershup and Irish International Football legend Aine O’Gormen provide a fun family workout!

Playday’s Fittest Family – mini workshop with Aine – championé

Link to YouTube


(Featuring Eric Lawlor)

Funny classes on how to be even funnier – Let’s make everyone laugh! 

Join Eric ‘Laughter’ Lawlor as he gives you tips on how to be even funnier and be the tickle stick of the family.

How to funnier – mini comedy workshop with Eric

Link to YouTube

How to be even funnier – mini comedy workshop with Eric

Link to YouTube

PLAYING TO THE BEAT – Rhythm Helps You To  Hear Music (RHYTHM)

(Featuring Masamba)

Pots n Pans, n Tin Cans – Lets make some noise folks!

Join Masamba in this quirky percussion workshop using everyday household objects to create beats and rhythms so you can march to you own drumbeat.

Masamba Showcase – watch, listen and see how it’s done!

Link to YouTube

Make a Shaker - Drumming workshop with Simeon

Link to YouTube


(Featuring ‘BRICKXCLUB’ )

Master Lego Builder Workshop – Lets Build Anything!

This space will inspire you to dig out your Lego bricks (if not already using them) and provide some ‘Tricks of the Lego Building Trade’ to get you creative building ideas and designs going again.  Let’s see what amazing things can be made from our old favorite Lego bricks.

Master Lego Builder Workshop – Lets Build Anything!

Lego Maze – mini workshop with Kathy

Link to YouTube

Lego Cubes with Allsorts -  mini workshop with Kathy

Link To YouTube

Lego Cars  - mini workshop with Kathy

Link to YouTube

Lego 5 x Brickx Skill  - mini workshop with Kathy

Link to YouTube


(Featuring Eike - Purely Yoga)

The spirit of play!

Join Eike and her Young Yoga Masters, as they explain and demonstrate fun, dynamic and relaxing Yoga moves that you can then join in and practice inside or out! Salute to the sun, become a tree or hop on Noah’s Ark and morph into lots of other animals through imaginative and relaxing Yoga Poses. And at the end of a long and busy playday enjoy a relaxing pajama pose for bed time, Namaste!

‘Lets be an Eagle’ -  mini yoga workshop:

Link to YouTube

Let’s be a boat’ -  mini yoga workshop

Link to YouTube

Favourite Yoga Poses

Link to YouTube

‘Let’s grow into a tree or even a forest’ mini yoga workshop

Link to YouTube

‘Noah’s Ark’ – mini yoga workshop

Link to YouTube

Sporty yoga!

Link to YouTube



Make your own Mayhem on the Dancefloor or Decks – Let’s strut our stuff!

Its time to freestyle and create your own dance moves , music, mix or raps .   Tick Tock, Shuffle, Jive, Twirl your way around the Kitchen or  hall or wherever you can find space. We would love to see and hear what you have created so if you  want, you can send us in a photo or video of what you created to the DCC Facebook ‘play’ fan page Let-Children-Play  !


One last video to say Bye and see you next year or whenever you visit our Virtual Play Space any day you like!

Nighty Night Playday – Pygama Yoga

Link to YouTube

More Resources for Play