Diversity Advantage

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The city of Dublin is committed to ensuring Dublin is an open, diverse, friendly and welcoming city where ‘Diversity Advantage’ is valued and promoted through a proactive policy throughout all Departments and we prevent in all ways possible any discrimination or exclusion in the city.

  • Dublin small in international scale but outperforms in relation to size
  • Mercer Quality of Living places Dublin in the top quartile of Global Cities (35th)
  • 2nd most globalised country in the world ( Ernst & Young 2012)
  • A Hub for US Investment – ( 189 billion since 1990)
  • Direct Foreign investment:
  • Dublin voted ‘Best to Invest’ European Metro 2012 and third best in 2013
  • Economic Intelligence Unit ranked Dublin No. 1 in having best ‘human capital’ in the world.
  • Ranked Dublin the number 1 city in the world for Human capital.
  • Youngest population in Europe giving us the best working age profile in the world
  • Our college graduates are rated number 1 in the world for employability
  • We have a strong entrepreneurial mindset
  • Dublin is the best location on the planet for recruiting, obtaining visas and retaining foreign nationals especially in the technology sector.
  • Ireland is the only English speaking country in the Eurozone
  • European Headquarters for  Google, Facebook, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Apple
  • Awareness and understanding of ‘Diversity Advantage’
  • International Students and Plurilinguilism

For more information

Office for Integration
Dublin City Council
Block 3, Floor 1,
Wood Quay
Dublin 2
D08 RF3F

Ph: +353 1 222 3139

Email:  integration@dublincity.ie

Facebook: Intercultural Dublin