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Dublin City Council is proud to have supported and enabled the Ireland 2016 state programme of formal commemorative events in Dublin during 2016 for the centenary of the 1916 Rising.

2016 Dublin City
Banners and flags commemorating the Rising were flown on flagpoles and lampposts in the city during March and April 2016 at O’Connell Street, the River Liffey and various other locations including some of the garrison sites.

2016 Dublin City
Dublin City Members of the Defence Forces raised and lowered the National Flag on a new flagpole on O’Connell Street everyday for the duration of the 1916/2016 centenary programme.

8 March 2016, Royal Hospital Kilmainham
The Women of 1916: On International Women’s Day, Dublin City Council and Ireland 2016 celebrated the significant role played by women in the 1916 Rising, focusing in particular on the 77 women held in Richmond Barracks after the Rising.

27 March 2016
Members of the Dublin Fire Brigade and the Civil Defence took part in a ceremonial parade on Easter Sunday.

28 March 2016
Reflecting the Rising: Dublin City Council staff participated in a family friendly history day on the streets of Dublin which saw the return of the popular ‘Dublin Remembers’ Learning Bus alongside a large mobile library and a replica vintage ambulance. Dublin City Public Libraries, the Fire Brigade and Dublin UNESCO City of Literature staff were there promoting Dublin City Council’s 1916 centenary events and were joined by reenactors and historians who answered questions on the Rising and Dublin 100 years ago. Lia Mills, author of Fallen, the Dublin: One City One Book choice for 2016, talked about writing the book which is set in Dublin in 1915-16. The 2016 festival was a special one as Dublin joined with Belfast for a Two Cities One Book festival.

April 2016
Ardmhéara Críona Ní Dhálaigh unveiled three 1916 Rising garrison plaques in the city. These plaques are located at Marrowbone Lane, The Mendicity Institution and Jacob’s Factory, Dublin 8. These sites had no plaque or sign to identify them as battle sites of the Rising. Now with these permanent reminders it is hoped that Dubliners, visitors to the city, relatives and all who are interested in history will be able to come and see these plaques and remember those who fought so courageously at the garrisons during the Rising.

April 2016
Ardmhéara Críona Ní Dhálaigh formally re-named the Members’ Room in City Hall as ‘The Richard O’Carroll Room 1916’ in honour of Councillor Richard O’Carroll who was shot and mortally wounded by Captain J.C. Bowen-Colthurst on 26 April 1916 and died a few days later. Ardmhéara Críona Ní Dhálaigh unveiled a plaque commemorating Councillor O’Carroll and the seven elected members of Dublin City Council who were involved in the Rising, including W.T. Cosgrave and Sean T. O Ceallaigh.

December 2016
Dublin City Council unveiled two more 1916 Rising garrison plaques, one to the Four Courts Garrison at Church Street and one to the Royal College of Surgeons Garrison at 123 St Stephen’s Green.