Guided Spring Tree Identification Walk with The Irish Wildlife Trust.

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2pm Sunday 28thFebruary at St Anne’s Park

Join Kieran Flood with the Irish Wildlife Trust for a Spring Tree Identification Walk at 2 pm on Sunday 28th February at the Red Stables, St Anne’s Park. Dublin City Council is hosting the Irish Wildlife Trust to conduct a series of free walks, talks and activities in the city’s parks and open spaces to celebrate Dublin City’s biodiversity. 

Trees help define Dublin as a capital city and are an important asset that are found in the city’s parks roads, open spaces and private gardens. There are over 60,000 street and roadside trees in the city and DCC plants approximately 3,000 trees each year, often with the help of community and schools as part of National Tree Week and Day  and  in collaboration with the Tree Council Of Ireland . Trees are good for us because they shade us from UV light, keep us cool, absorb green house gases and pollutants, protect us from the wind, act as habitats for wildlife and improve the appearance and economic value of neighbourhoods.  They are also important in slowing down water’s progress from sky to ground thus helping to reduce flash flooding. They are appreciated for their amenity and aesthetic value and are a key visual sign of the change in the seasons. When planted strategically they can reduce fossil fuel emissions by reducing fuel costs for heating and cooling buildings and act as a sink for CO2 thereby helping us with climate change.

Trees are a living historic link to our past. St Anne’s park is home to some of the oldest trees in the city. The majority of trees, namely Beech and Yew were planted by the Guinness family at the turn of the Century. Dublin City Council has been planting trees there since the 1940. Recent plantings of Giant Redwoods near the Red Stables car park ensure the continuity of this historic tradition. 

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