May 18th St Anne’s Park Red Stables Free Guided Walk and Talk on Birdsong and Dusk Chorus

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Thursday May 18th from 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm join Ricky Whelan, BirdWatch Ireland and DCC Parks staff on a Dusk Chorus to hear the birds singing. You will hear a wide range of garden and parkland songbirds from Blackbirds and Robins to Chaffinches and Tree creepers.

  • Walk starts at the Red Stables, and goes through the woods and down through chestnut meadow to the duck pond.  You will need sturdy footwear and rain gear.
  • Visit the locations of the RTE Radio 1 Dawn Chorus broadcasts.  
  • DCC Parks staff will tell the story about the Park’s past history as a home for the Guinness family.
  • Hear about the celebrated Follies which were the family’s holiday memories of their Grand tour of Europe.
  • Learn about the Park’s contribution today as part of the prestigious UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere.
  • Download the Poster