Free Guided Walk and Talk on Birdsong and Dusk Chorus

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Free Guided Walk and Talk on Birdsong and Dusk Chorus
May 17th, St Anne’s Park Red Stables

From 7.30pm to 9.30pm join Ricky Whelan, BirdWatch Ireland and DCC Parks staff on a Dusk Chorus to hear the birds singing. You will hear a wide range of garden and parkland songbirds from Blackbirds and Robins to Chaffinches and Tree creepers. The walk starts at the Red Stables, and goes through the woods and down through  the chestnut meadow to the duck pond. Visit the locations of the RTE Radio 1 Dawn Chorus broadcasts.  You will need sturdy footwear and rain gear. The DCC Parks team will share stories about the Park’s past history as a home for the Guinness family. Hear about the celebrated Follies which were the family’s holiday  memories  of their Grand tour of Europe. You will also hear about it’s contribution today to the prestigious UNESCO Dublin Bay Biosphere. No Booking required and suitable for all ages and levels of interest.  For further information contact Parks Biodiversity at 2223369.

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