Gulls On The Dock Grand Canal Square From 2pm June 22

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June is a time of year when gulls nesting on rooftops and city centre buildings become a news item because of their perceived noisy and swooping behaviour. Do you love them or loath them? There are over five gull species that call Dublin their home. Gulls are large, long-lived, intelligent seabirds who  are very protective of their young. Their numbers are in decline at sea  and they are considered under threat of extinction. They have survived in Ireland and internationally by adapting to urban spaces. Join Dublin City Council Biodiversity Team and seabird experts from BirdWatch Ireland to hear how this has happened. Learn to distinguish between the different species and spot them using binoculars and scope over the Grand Canal Dock as they move between Dublin bay and the city. Free illustrated guides on seabirds and gulls provided for all the family to enjoy. Help us survey for their rooftop nesting sites over the summer so that we can understand their behaviours and how we might interact with them in a way that reduces behaviours that cause them to be perceived as a pest rather than a rare seabird.  

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