Scout for Seals this Summer.

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Why not help marine mammal ecologist Clowie Russell to track the movements of seals in Dublin Bay this summer. Dublin Bay has two species of seal, common or harbour seals, and grey seals. Clowie is using photo sightings to identify and track the seal population in Dublin Bay. Did you know that grey seals have a unique fur pattern on their neck that stays with them throughout their life? So, photo ID will help provide population estimation, site fidelity and movements between sites in Dublin Bay, and long term monitoring will provide new insights into their status and distribution. Please email  with any seal sighting photos with accompanying information on date, time, exact location (gps coordinates maybe!), estimated distance from your location, and behaviour of seal (hauled out or in water). 

For further information please contact Clowie at

And please, do not disturb the seals by deliberately moving towards them, and keep your dog on a lead.