Mountjoy Square Park Public Consultation

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Mountjoy square

Mountjoy Square is one of Dublin’s five historic Georgian Squares and was developed by the Gardiner family in the late 1700s. Their grand designs set the foundations for much of Dublin’s North Georgian Core with a focus on form, quality and craftsmanship that set a benchmark in Ireland’s urban development.

Following the designation of the square as an Architectural Conservation Area the Parks & Landscape Services commissioned a conservation plan and historic landscape study which was completed in 2014. The completed report is available here.

The study looks at the park’s history, development and changes over the last 200 years and assesses its significance, as well as presenting proposals for the sensitive reconstruction of this historic landscape for the benefit of the local community and visitors to Dublin.

The proposals for the reconstruction of historic landscape will go through a Part 8 planning application process and in advance of that Parks & Landscape Services intend to hold an open public consultation on the proposals.

The consultation meeting details are as follows:

DATE:  FRIDAY 8th April 2016


VENUE: Number 25 Mountjoy Square East

     Mountjoy square