UNESCO Dublin Bay Discovery Centre

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Dublin City Council has appointed a design and planning team to develop The UNESCO Dublin Bay Discovery Centre. The centre which it is proposed to be positioned in the centre of the Biosphere on Bull Island will provide

The design team, led by Howley Hayes Architects, will examine a range of options with regard to size, scale, layout, design, materials, function and construction to allow the development of an outstanding, ambitious, sensitive interpretative design and display that creates a powerful place for discovery and learning. The Discovery Centre will aspire to become a landmark of national significance, designed to best international practice, highlighting the importance and uniqueness of the Bull Island and Dublin Bay.

The Discovery Centre will explain and interpret both the Bull Island, but also the bay in general. This interpretation will be themed to include the cultural, natural and built heritage of the bay (the development of the city and port, the development of the island, the internationally significant terrestrial and marine biodiversity, ship wrecks etc) as well as the natural processes which have shaped the bay which is the basin for five important rivers.    

The planning team, led by Brady Shipman Martin will prepare an Environmental Impact Assessment Report. This report will be developed in tandem with the design development with the findings of each process informing the other, thus ensuring that the design is fully sympathetic in the avoidance or mitigation of any impacts the construction and operation of the Discovery Centre might have. Both processes will include extensive and comprehensive consultation with all stakeholders, from statutory bodies through to the local residents and business communities.

It is envisaged that a planning application in the form of the EIA will be submitted to An Board Pleanála later in 2019.

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