Digitised Works

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1916 Rising Dublin Fire Brigade Logbook

This unique Dublin Fire Brigade Ambulance log-book covers the period of the Easter Rising, 24-29 April 1916. The log-book relates to Tara Street Fire Station and records hour-by-hour the response of the Dublin ambulance service to those injured in the Rising.

1916 Rising Elsie McDermid Letter

This rare eye-witness account of the outbreak of the 1916 Easter Rising was written by Elsie McDermid, a popular opera singer of the era, to her mother in England on the occasion of Elsie's visit to Dublin at the time of the Rising.

1916 Rising Eye-Witness Account

This Rising account was written by Joshua C. Manly, who held the post of Town Clerk to the Pembroke Urban District Council.

Ballymun Concrete News (1998 - 2006)

This was a unique publication, focused on Ballymun and its community. Its ethos was to publish positive and inspirational news relating to Ballymun.

The Diary of Weather and Winds

This 18th century manuscript is the meticulous record by an early Dublin meteorologist, who documented the weather in the city on a daily basis during the period 1716 to 1734. 

Dissertatio Medica

The doctoral thesis of Dr Edward Worth (1676-1733), on the subject of Hippocrates. It was published in Utrecht in 1701.

The Orchestra of St Cecilia Collection: 1995 – 2014

The Dublin City Public Library and Archive has acquired the Orchestra of St Cecilia Collection, deposited by manager/artistic director Lindsay Armstrong after his retirement. You can view here a random selection of programmes, flyers and posters  and listen to concert recordings featuring highlights from the Orchestra.

The Picture of Dublin for 1811

This work was based on a similar guide to London, and was aimed at visitors to the city. It describes the public buildings and other sites worth visiting and is illustrated with engraved plates showing the Bank of Ireland, College Green, the newly built Custom House, Nelson’s Pillar, and the Grand Canal at Portobello Harbour.