The 21st Annual Sir John T. Gilbert Commemorative Lecture

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Conniving House Griffin Roque 1757Wednesday 24 January at 6pm in Dublin City Library and Archive

The 21st Annual Sir John T. Gilbert Commemorative Lecture: Live from the Conniving House: Poetry and Music in Eighteenth-Century Dublin by Dr Michael Griffin

The Conniving House tavern, long since forgotten, opened in 1725. On the water not far from where Sandymount Green is now, it is the cultural and geographical starting point for this lecture on the lively interaction of poetic and musical cultures in eighteenth-century Dublin. The only verbal account that we have of that venue comes from Life of John Buncle, esq. by Thomas Amory, who heard there the famous Larry Grogan playing the pipes while Jack Lattin, ‘the most agreeable of companions’, played matchlessly on the fiddle. Other writers of the period, such as Laurence Whyte and Charles Coffey, recorded an energetic native musical culture. This lecture explores a fascinating moment in the history of Dublin’s poetical and musical cultures, one which yields several compelling instances of cross-cultural connivance.

Dr Michael Griffin is Senior Lecturer in English at the University of Limerick. He is the co-editor of the soon-to-be published Cambridge Edition of the Letters of Oliver Goldsmith, and the author of Enlightenment in Ruins: The Geographies of Oliver Goldsmith (2013). He has also edited Thomas Dermody: Selected Writings (2012) and The Collected Poems of Laurence Whyte (2016). He has published a range of journal articles and book chapters on eighteenth-century Anglophone Irish poetry and print culture. His essay on Goldsmith’s poetry features in the recently published Cambridge Companion to Irish Poets.

Location details: Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street

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