Books in Life - a photographic exhibition

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Jean Marc GodesTuesday 2 May to Friday 2 June 2017 and Wednesday 14 June to Friday 30 June in Dublin City Library and Archive, Pearse Street.

Books in Life – Livres en Vie is a Photographic Exhibition by Jean Marc Godès.
Jean Marc Godès was born in Guadeloupe and currently lives in France. Jean Marc, photographer, leads an artistic research dedicated to promotion of books and writing. He carefully creates scenes with books as the central actors. Godès offers us many imaginative answers to the question ‘what a book can be and do’. The collection of photographs shows how books transform and ignite our imagination.
The photographs from his collection "BOOKS IN LIFE" have found a natural place in book networks, libraries, book fairs, literacy agencies ... but also in spaces dedicated to contemporary art in France and abroad.
Through this first audiovisual piece, he still continues to use his artistic research in exploring moving images.

Books in Life Exhibition

Contact - Dublin City Library and Archive

Exhibition on display for May in Dublin City Public Libraries.

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