City Hall Lecture Series: Irish Women and the First World War

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Kate Middleton Curtis3, 10, 17, 24 Tuesdays in April from 1.10pm to 1.150pm at Council Chamber City Hall, Dame Street

The lecture series explores different aspects of Irish women’s experiences throughout the First World War, from anti-enlistment activism to working in munition factories and war-time nursing. The final lecture in the series by keynote speaker Dr. Fionnuala Walsh assesses the legacy and long-term impact of the war on the role of women in Irish society. The lecture series complements the new exhibition “Doing their Bit” Irish Women and the First World War on display at Dublin City Library and Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2 until 28 April 2018.

Image: Kate Middleton Curtis, Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association Archive

Admission is free of charge and all are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis. The Council Chamber seats 110 people and you may bring your own earphones for enhanced sound. Doors open at 12.30 p.m.

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03 April Dr. Bernard Kelly "Would you rather they stopped here to fight against us?' Enlistment, conscription and Irish women during the First World War.

10 April Dr Yvonne McEwen. For King or Country? Irish Nurses and the Politics of Casualty Care in World War 1

17 April Hugh McGuinness. Women and the Munitions Industry in Ireland during World War I - The Dublin Dockyard War Munitions Factory.

24 April Dr. Fionnuala Walsh ‘The world we had known had vanished': the impact of the First World War on women in Ireland.

Download the programme (PDF, 2MB)

Speaker Biographies

Dr Bernard Kelly received his PhD from NUI Galway and did his postdoctoral research at the Scottish Centre for Diaspora Studies at the University of Edinburgh. His research interests are in military studies, the world wars and the revolutionary period. He currently holds the Dublin City Council funded Historian-in-Residence position at Dublin City Library and Archive. @DubHistorians

Dr Yvonne McEwen is a World War 1 historian and Research Fellow at the Centre for Historical Research, World War One Research Group, The University of Wolverhampton. She is also an Hon. Research Fellow at Waterford Institute of Technology and a Project Collaborator at the University of Kent. Apart from her work on World War 1, She is recognised for her research work into the deaths of Irish men and women (all Ireland) who died as a direct consequence of their war service in World War Two. Additionally, she holds the post of Project Director, Scotland's War 1914-1919 the largest World War 1 Public Engagement project in Britain.

Hugh McGuinness is a local Historian who specialises in the histories of the Dublin 1 and 3 areas. He has published numerous articles, given lectures, and regularly provides walking tours of the areas between Clontarf and the Docklands. His current research projects include the evolution of Fairview Park 1840 to 1934; the importation of arms and munitions into Dublin's Docklands and their storage 1917-22; the Dublin Dockyard during World War I; and the Evolutionary History of Mud Island.

Dr Fionnuala Walsh lectures in the School of History, University College Dublin. She completed an Irish Research Council funded PhD in Trinity College Dublin in 2015 and subsequently returned to Trinity for an Irish Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship. She has also previously worked in the National Library of Ireland. She is the membership secretary of the Women’s History Association of Ireland. Her publications include studies of women munition workers and infant welfare during the First World War. She is currently writing a book on Irishwomen and the First World War. @Fionnuala88 and @ucdhistory


Series curated by Dublin City Archives / 01674 4997  @dclareadingroom


Forthcoming History Events

9 March - 28 April at Dublin City Library and Archive
Exhibition “Doing their Bit”: Irish Women and the First World War. Guided tours available every Saturday in April at 11am. Booking required via

17 April at 6.30pm in Dublin City Library and Archive.
Women of the Brigade: St John Ambulance & the First World War.

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Suffrage in the Suburbs.

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