Drama Workshops with Jill Anderson

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DramaMonday 16 July at 2.30pm in Inchicore Library. Tuesday 24 July at 11am in Marino Library. Tuesday 24 July at 2.30pm in Pearse Street Library.

Dublin City Public Libraries welcome back Jill Anderson of Dublin School of Drama and Communications following her success in our libraries in previous years.  Jill's drama workshops encourage children to act and participate in many different activities specially designed to stimulate creativity and confidence. All workshops are free. Booking is essential at the relevant library.

  • Inchicore Library - Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Suitable for children aged 5 to 10 years.
  • Marino Library - Gangsta Granny and The Oldest Library Book - Suitable for children aged 5 to 10 years. This is now booked out.
  • Pearse Street Library - Solving the Voldemort mystery - Suitable for children aged 6 to 10 years.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears.  One day while Baby Bear was out with his friends, he walked into a tree and hit his head. He now finds himself in your  library but he can’t remember anything.  He needs your help to make him remember his story and where he comes from so he can find his way home.

Gangsta Granny and The Oldest Library Book. Gangsta Granny has heard that hidden away in your library in a top secret location is  one of the oldest library books in the world.  Her aim this summer is to steal that book!!While helping in this heist, you might be able to make Gangsta Granny change her ways and see that stealing is wrong!!

Solving the Voldemort mystery. Harry Potter has heard that there has been sightings of Voldemort in your local library.

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