Explore Your Archives - Oral History Seminar

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Monday 20 November from 6.30pm to 8.00pm at Dublin City Library and Archive

Seminar: Oral History: Let’s Hear it for the Projects!

Since September 2013, Lord Mayor’s Certificate in Oral History has been organised annually by Dublin City Archives as part of its commitment to life-long learning. Participants on  this 70 hour course are equipped with skills in the preparation and conduct of oral history projects.  The seminar format will consist of five of our Certificate graduates giving 10 minute ‘lightening papers’  about their unique oral history project and findings. The papers will be followed by a discussion on the value of oral history as a research methodology and the wealth of recorded oral narrative sources which exist in Ireland.

Anna Mackay
Topic:  Growing up in Mount St. in 1930s and 40s (family history and social history)

Anne O’ Gorman Weber
Topic: Peamount Hospital, one woman’s experience (institutional history)

Chris Owen
Topic: Dublin company of Boys Brigade

Sarah Greene
Topic : Working and living conditions in Turlough Hill, Co. Wicklow    

David Gunning
Topic: Runnamoat House Oral History Project

Location: Dublin City Library and Archive


Part of Explore Your Archive 18 - 26 November 2017

‘Explore Your Archive’ campaign is an initiative of the Archives and Records Association of Ireland and UK which aims to raise awareness of archives, their value to society and the impact they have on individual lives.
Our twitter accounts @dclareadingroom and @dubhistorians will be a lively celebration of our collections throughout the week. Keep an eye on #explorearchives!