Kevin Street Library welcomes Dublin Festival of History

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Monday 1 October at 1pm - A Missing History? Tracing the objects and images of the Irish women’s suffrage campaign

This talk with Donna Gilligan discusses the limited surviving and non-surviving images and objects from the Irish women’s suffrage movement. It examines what these tell us about the Irish campaign, and questions why this important history has been neglected in our national story, as well as in our museum collections.

Tuesday 2 October at 6:30pm - " I live a New Life" Frederick Douglass in Ireland.

Frederick Douglass, an African-American abolitionist and former slave, visited Ireland in 1845. His trip was shaped by a number of experiences, including meeting Daniel O’Connell and achieving a level of personal freedom unimaginable in his home country. In observance of the 200th anniversary of his birth, this talk with Cecelia Hartsell examines Douglass’s visit to Ireland and his role as an abolitionist.

A Changing Society: Irish History Talks with Maeve Casserly, Historian in Residence (Dublin City Council, South East Area). A series of talks exploring the impact of the First World War on ordinary life in Ireland. Learn more about key events in 1918 from the Representation of the People Act to the outbreak of the Spanish flu, as well as the general election and the impact of the first ‘total war’ on work and life at home in the final years of the Great War.

  • Thursday 4 October at 6.30pm - Why 1918 Matters. From the Representation of the People Act, to the Conscription Crisis, the outbreak of Spanish Flu to the end of the Great War, see how the impact of 1918 can still be seen today.
  • Thursday 11 October at 6.30pm - Women at Work in World War One.
  • Thursday 18 October at 6.30pm - "Mutton doesn't pickle well", food, fuel and making do during the Great War.