RDFA/103 Private Patrick Dolan, 1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers

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Private Patrick DolanPatrick Dolan (1890-1953) joined the 1st Battalion of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers in 1908. He began his military service in Madras, India. At the outbreak of the First World War they were recalled to Britain for redeployment. 1st Battalion served in the 29th Division on the Gallipoli campaign. Private Patrick Dolan was badly wounded during this campaign. He was discharged in March 1916 as his wounds were too severe for him to return to combat.

This collection, part of the Royal Dublin Fusiliers Collection, contains documents, personal effects and memorabilia from Dolan’s pre-war army service, wartime service, and post-war recovery.

Photo: RDFA/103/01 Young Private Dolan in dress uniform in 1908. (click image for larger version)

RDFA/103 Private Patrick Dolan Collection (PDF, 335KB)  (cannot access pdf?)


Private Dolan with other wounded soldiers in 1916

Photo: RDFA/103/11 Private Dolan with other wounded soldiers in 1916. (click image for larger version)