Coolock Makerspace

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logoCoolock Library is the home of our new free Makerspace! Launching on Saturday 29th February 2020, Coolock Makerspace will kick off with an initial 6 month programme of activities including hardware programming with Arduino, micro:bit and Raspberry Pis. The Makerspace will host children’s coding workshops and activities for Transition Year students, including taster workshops and events.

Programming will also include 3D printing, sewing and video production and animation events and workshops. Coolock Makerspace will offer opportunities to learn about and use new tools in design and creation through a range of workshops in an accessible library setting, welcoming the community to widen their skills by engaging in maker activities, to innovate, and to meet and share skills with other makers.

National Library Open Day – Saturday 29th February 11.00am – 4.00pm

Come check out the new Maker Space where you will have the opportunity to try out some activities to give you a feel for what will be available in upcoming workshops. Activities will include: hardware programming with Arduino, micro:bit and Raspberry Pis, design and build basic paper electronics/circuits and a mini-tour of the maker space and tools (3D printers etc.) available. These sessions are open to all ages.Makerspace Coolock Makerspace will be open for programmed workshops for the first 6 months of this year. Staff will be available at these workshops for a range of hands on learning experiences, assistance with creative projects and consultation on project ideas, as well as manage printing requests and operation of the 3D printers.

We do not offer access to the Makerspace outside of scheduled hours.

Full programme for March coming soon!

Equipment at Coolock Makerspace:

picEpilogue Helix 50 watt 24X 18 Laser cutter

picHP Sprout 3 D computer and scanner system


picSnapmaker CNC, laser engraving and 3D print

picBrother M280D Combined sewing, embroidery and quilting machine

picJanome 219S standard sewing machine

  • 3D scanning technology using iPad and Skanect software
  • HP 3D capture stage
  • Weller soldering irons
  • Digital Camera, green screen and lighting kit
  • Raspberry Pi, Arduino, various electronics kits,
  • Sound recorders and microphones
  • iPADs
  • Laptops
  • Lego education

Terms and Conditions for use of Dublin City Libraries Makerspace.