Computer Skills

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All libraries provide access to computers and the Internet.

Microsoft Imagine AcademyMicrosoft Imagine Academy

Microsoft Office suite of programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook is now available from the Lending Section of the Central Library. Learners can benefit from an extensive digital curriculum and certifications for fundamental technology skills - as well as courses critical for success in today’s technologically evolving world. Please register at the Lending Section of the Central Library to access this online tool anywhere.

Touch-type Read and Spell - Online Course

Touch-type Read and Spell - Online Computer CourseThe Central Library, Ilac Centre, offers Touch Type Read Spell, an online computer course.  As well as developing typing skills, TTRS is designed to benefit students of all ages who experience spelling, reading or writing difficulties. You learn at your own pace either in the library or at home. To avail of this service, please contact Fiona Shortt or Bernadette Cogan at 01 8734333 or email


Computer learningWebsmart is a four-part course introducing you to basic computer skills, the Internet and email. 1-2-1 is an individual session to suit your needs. .

Interested? Enquire at your local library

Module One - Computers Don't Bite

Providing information on computer basics. This is essential before we access the Internet.

Objectives for this session:

  • to know the parts of a computer and be able to start it and turn it off
  • to be able to open and close computer programs
  • to be able to use the mouse and keyboard
  • to type, edit, print and save in Microsoft Word

Websmart posterModule Two - What is the Internet?

This session works on the assumption that you have never used the Internet before, or that you would like to be reminded of the basics.

Objectives for this session:

  • to access the Internet
  • to go to a particular website
  • to move around a website
  • to move between websites

Module Three - E-mail

This session explains the basics of e-mail.

Objectives for this session:

  • to set up a personal e-mail account
  • to be able to access my account and to send and receive e-mails
  • to be able to use the address book

Module Four - Using the Internet

Websmart brochureThis session will give you a chance to use the Internet in a practical way, using all the skills you have learnt.

Objectives for this session:

  • to practice what you have learnt
  • to be able to book a flight online
  • to be able to find accommodation online
  • to be able to buy goods and services online

1-2-1 Individual Sessions

Is there something you would like some help with, but don't want a four-part course? Maybe one of our staff would be able to help you.

Make an appointment so that we can give you our undivided attention. Just ask at the desk about Websmart 1-2-1

If someone has the knowledge on-site you can book a time, if not we will try and refer you to another branch library, or a resource on the Internet. We will do our best to help you.

Interested? Enquire at your local library