Natura natura by Saidhbhín Gibson

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Natura Natura image

26th August - 8th November, 2014
Natura natura is an exhibition of new work presented at both the Cube space at The LAB Gallery and amongst the Irish Birds exhibit at the Natural History Museum. Dublin City Council Arts Office in collaboration with The Natural History Museum provided a temporary residency for artist Saidhbhín Gibson to explore the vast range of diverse species from the natural world featured in the museum's exhibitions and collections.  The work developed in response to her residency, inspired by conversations with staff and time spent researching wildlife from Ireland,  investigates our understanding and experience of nature in both rural and urban settings. 
The exhibition is accompanied by a free programme of events at The LAB and The Natural History Museum exploring art and wildlife.  There will be Lunchtime Conversations at The Natural History Museum on Ireland’s Changing Bird Population and Barrington’s Bird Collection.   CROW (City Right of Way) will  trace a path between The Natural History Museum and The LAB on the hunt for urban wildlife en route between the venues.
Saidhbhín Gibson will facilitate a family workshop at The LAB exploring the unique silhouettes of animals and architecture found in the city.