Ballymun Concrete News (1998 - 2006)

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Ballymun Concrete NewsBallymun Concrete News was a unique publication, focused on Ballymun and its community. Its ethos was to publish positive and inspirational news relating to Ballymun. It was founded in 1998 as a single page news sheet by journalist and local resident Seamus Kelly, and financed by advertising from local business concerns. By 2000, the one-man operated newspaper had grown to a full colour 8-page monthly tabloid. It had a circulation of over 20,000 and was distributed free of charge to every home in Ballymun. The paper ceased trading in 2006 due to poor advertising revenue.

The digital archive of Ballymun Concrete News has been donated to Dublin City Library and Archive by Seamus Kelly and consist of 87 editions in total. Collectively, the papers provide a colourful record of ‘good news stories’ from Ballymun from 1998 to 2006. Articles focus on topics such as the Ballymun Regeneration Project, opening of new community facilities, theatre, music, and sporting events, and the achievements of local residents in all areas of life. Ballymun Concrete News is copyright © to Seamus Kelly.

by Councillor Andrew Montague (Lord Mayor of Dublin 2011-2012)

I associate the Ballymun Concrete News with the regeneration of Ballymun. The peak of the regeneration was a time of great change, and throughout that time, the Ballymun Concrete News told us the story of our own community. With its glossy and colourful format, the Concrete News always had a positive and vibrant feel.

Seamus Kelly, the editor of the Ballymun Concrete News, was at the heart of our community at that time. He lived in Joseph Plunkett Tower and he was a reporter who cared passionately about the community around him. Seamus made it his business to attend as many local events and meetings as possible. He always brought his trusty camera and he faithfully recorded whatever happened in both words and pictures.

It was Seamus’s passion and commitment to Ballymun that gave the Ballymun Concrete News its heart. The paper was a constructive and positive force in the community and kept everyone up to date with all of the many changes that were going on at that time. It also gave local people a voice and place to read about their lives.

When the paper eventually folded in 2006, it was a big loss for the community and it has never been properly replaced to this day.

I would like to pay tribute to Seamus for creating the Ballymun Concrete News. I also want to thank all the team that put the paper together from the first edition in 1998 to the final edition in 2006.

Andrew Montague
Lord Mayor of Dublin (2011-2012)


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