Thomas Fitzpatrick and The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly 1905-1915

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  • Thomas Fitzpatrick and the Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly 1905-1915Title: Thomas Fitzpatrick and The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly 1905-1915  
  • Size: 20cms
  • Format: Pbk
  • Pages: x, 199pp.
  • Price: €19.95 (guide price)
  • Publisher: Dublin City Council c/o Dublin City Public Libraries & Archive
  • ISBN 978-1907002-17-5

Book available from Four Courts Press and other bookshops and to borrow from our library catalogue.


James Curry and Ciarán Wallace’s book Thomas Fitzpatrick and The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly 1905-1915 introduces a new generation of readers to the work of Thomas Fitzpatrick, the owner and chief cartoonist of the ‘Lepracaun’ monthly. This publication was a best-seller on Dublin’s news-stands a century ago.

Between 1905 and 1915, The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly satirised society and politics in Dublin and beyond. Its proprietor, editor and chief cartoonist Thomas Fitzpatrick (1860-1912), already had a distinguished career drawing for leading publications in Dublin and London, including Nation, National Press and Weekly Freeman and Irish People. Fitzpatrick’s cartoons countered Punch’s ape-like Irishman with the upright and noble figure of ‘Pat’, and his sharp pen presented senior British figures in an unforgiving light. The Lepracaun Cartoon Monthly, however, gave his perceptive wit a far broader canvas. Politicians and publicans, clerics and suffragettes, trade unionists and bosses were all fair game – nor did the man or woman in the street escape his critical eye. 

Introductory essays on Thomas Fitzpatrick’s life and career, and on the social and political context of the times, complement the detailed captions which accompany each image. A foreword by Jim FitzPatrick, artist and grandson of Thomas, adds a personal note to the volume, and a colourful frontispiece by Conánn FitzPatrick updates the original cover of The Lepracaun

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