Promoting Design in Dublin City

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A photo fo the Rutland Memorial detail

Cities that value and apply design in the way they think, plan and act are more humane, attractive and competitive cities. City Architects Division plays an active role in promoting design in Dublin’s development and as a tool for improving the quality of public services, buildings and places.

City Architects Division membership of ICSID

ICSID, the International Council of the Societies of Industrial Design is the organisation that confers the World Design Capital designation to one city at a time for merits in using design as a tool for economic development, as well as social and cultural improvement. Dublin City Architects were approved for membership of ICSID in 2010.

The International Council of Societies of Industrial Design is a non-profit organisation that protects and promotes the interests of the profession of industrial design. Founded in 1957, ICSID serves as a unified voice of over 50 nations through which members can express their views and be heard on an international platform.  Since its inception, ICSID has continued to develop its wide-reaching network of students and professionals devoted to the recognition, success and growth of the industrial design community. Together, professional associations, promotional societies, educational institutions, government bodies and corporation create a comprehensive and diverse system on the forefront of design education and progress.

Membership of ICSID connects Dublin City Council to an international network of organisations focused on design excellence. See for more details.