Strategic Plan for Housing People with a Disability

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What’s in the plan?

The plan identifies the pathways the Council will follow to house people with disabilities. It profiles the unmet housing needs of this population and considers how mainstream housing supply mechanisms can better address those needs. Most importantly, it recommends the setting up of an operational team which will include the range of relevant organisations who can assist in finding housing solutions that suit people with disabilities.

Taking a person-centred approach

People with disabilities have a wide variety of needs and ambitions so a person-centred approach and co-ordinated action is needed. The plan shows how we have achieved this for five people, each of whom has a different type of primary disability: physical, sensory, intellectual, autism and mental health. These people describe their struggles to obtain suitable housing, the people and organisations that helped make it happen, and the benefit of having a home that meets their needs (see pages 18-34).
The review of public policies and people’s individual stories highlights the challenges facing the Strategic Plan. For a list of the plan’s objectives, see page 15.