Traveller Accommodation Unit

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Block 1, Floor 2, Civic Offices (Fishamble St. Entrance), Dublin 2
Contact Telephone Number: (01) 222 5290 Email:

Dublin City Council works to meet the accommodation needs of the Traveller Community through the provision of Traveller-specific housing, serviced halting sites and allocations to standard housing. Dublin City Council has 8 Traveller Group Housing Estates, including the first Traveller group housing scheme - Labre Park - built in 1968, and 7 halting sites (2 are currently decommissioned but with plans for redevelopment).

Traveller Accommodation Programme

Dublin City Council is required by the provisions of the Housing (Traveller Accommodation) Act, 1998 to prepare and adopt a five-year Traveller Accommodation Programme to meet the existing and projected accommodation needs of Travellers in its administrative area. The annual count of Traveller families for 2014 indicates about 707 families living in the Dublin City Council area. The Traveller Accommodation Programme was adopted by Dublin City Council on the 12th May 2014. Click here to download the programme

Applications for Traveller-Specific Housing

To apply for Traveller - specific housing complete the application form in full – only complete applications will be accepted – and return to the address above.

Tenant Services

Housing Welfare Service
If you are a member of the Travelling Community, you can use a dedicated welfare service from Dublin City Council
Repairs and Maintenance
Dublin City Council is responsible for the general wear and tear of houses/bays.  Where a repair is necessary due to fair wear/tear, Dublin City Council will ensure that this is completed in a reasonable timeframe.   The Tenant’s Handbook will inform you as a tenant what repairs Dublin City Council carries out and who to contact when repairs need to be done.  If also informs you what your responsibilities are as a tenant.  
Complaints/Anti-Social Behaviour
Any tenant who wishes to register a complaint with Traveller Accommodation Unit may contact the unit by phone, email or in writing.

Travelling Community

Irish Travellers are identified (both by themselves and others) as people with a shared history, culture and traditions including, historically, a nomadic way of life on the island of Ireland.
If you would like more information on travellers in the Dublin Area please click on the websites below:

List of Useful contacts: