Customer Pre - Application Disability Access Advice

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What is pre-application planning advice?

The Council is committed to provide a high standard of service. The Pre-application is a procedure which encourages anyone to carry out alterations to an existing building or incorporate the requirements of Part M prior to construction where they require a DAC, to obtain informal guidance from officers of Dublin City Council in advance of submitting a DAC application.

It is not possible to provide pre-applications for all buildings. The granting of a
pre-application meeting will be at the discretion of the Council depending on the size and the complexity of the application and if building has some unusual constraints such as protected structures status or intense commercial/manufacturing use. Advice given on the prospect of obtaining a DAC is informal; it represents officer professional opinion only, and will not bind the authority in the event of a formal DAC application. 

What are the advantages for customers?

There are many benefits for customers, or private agents, in having preliminary discussions with the Council including: 

  • Gaining a clearer understanding of Part M requirements
  • Improved quality of the application as a result of the officer advice, which may suggest improvement or alteration to the design and layout of the building
  • May avoid conflict with character of an area
  • A valid application accompanied by the required Certified drawings and supporting
    Information which will avoid delay
  • An increased chance of a decision on the application and reduced risk of protracted appeal processes
  • A better understanding of timescales processes

On receipt of your enquiry by telephone we will

  • The name and contact details of the officer dealing with your enquiry and appointment date
  • That we will endeavour to deal with your enquiry within 14 working days

What information from you will help the pre-application process?

  • The more comprehensive the information supplied, the fuller our response will be. This will reduce the time taken by us to respond during the meeting;
  • As a guide, we will require a description of the proposal, two sets of finished detailed drawings to Part M standards including a descriptive key in the margin
  • Any photographs showing features in the existing building/s, proposed building/s, access point/s and parking availability: and any written documentation deemed necessary; this list is not comprehensive;
  • The meeting will last no longer than 40 minutes and it is advisable that you bring a note taker to record any salient advice given at the meeting;

For more information

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