Frequently Asked Questions for Disabilities Access Certificate

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What is a Disability Access Certificate?

A Disability Access Certificate is a certificate granted by a Building Control Authority which certifies compliance of the design of certain works (e.g. new buildings (except dwelling houses), some extensions to, and some material alterations to buildings (except dwelling houses) with the requirements of Part M of the Building Control Regulations.

When is a Disability Access Certificate required?

A  Disability Access Certificate is required in respect of the following works to buildings other than dwellings (but including apartment buildings), in so far as the Requirements of Part M apply and which commence or take place on or after 1st January 2010. Where a Fire Safety Certificate is required for any works, a Disability Access Certificate is also required.

Is a Disability Access Certificate required prior to submitting a commencement notice?

No. However, A Disability access certificate is required for non domestic works which require a Fire Safety Certificate. It is strongly advised that you obtain a Disability Access Certificate prior to work commencing on site and this will avoid any expensive remedial works which may delay the occupation and/or opening of the building to have you Disability Access Certificate application lodged or granted when submitting your commencement notice.

Note: A building shall not be opened, operated or occupied unless a Disability Access Certificate has been granted on the building.

How long will a Disability Access take?

It can take up to 8 weeks for a decision to be made on a Disability Access Certificate, or may take longer if it’s agreed with the applicant and the Building Control Authority.

When should I apply for my Disability Access Certificate?

It is best practice to apply for your Disability Access Certificate at the same time you are applying for your Fire Safety Certificate.

What if I already have my Fire Safety Certificate?

Apply for your Disability Access Certificate as soon as possible.

What is the fee required for a Disability Access Certificate?

The cost is €800 per building. The fee is reduced to €500 where the application is made prior to commencement and coincides with an application for a fire safety certificate.

Can the decision of the Building Control Authority be appealed?

Yes, the decision can be appealed to An Bórd Pleanála. The decision must be appealed within 28 days of the decision of the Building Control Authority.

Who can sign the application form?

The application form is to be signed by owner or leaseholder. The Council will accept an application form signed by an agent on behalf of the owner /leaseholder only if it is accompanied by a letter from the owner /leaseholder giving their permission for the agent to sign on their behalf.

The letter from the owner /leaseholder must be  signed in original ink, must be dated with a recent date and include the name of the owner/leaseholder in printed form, the address of the property, and the name of the agent, which must be identical to the signatory of the form. The letter should state the named agent has the power to act for the owner/leaseholder in the matter of the application.

What else is required?

  • A fully completed statutory application form

  • The required fee (cheques can be made payable to Dublin City Council)

  • A site layout plan

  • A location map

  • 2 sets any documentation, calculations, specifications or other design information

  • 2 sets of any drawings or maps.

Have you any guidelines on how to prepare a Disability Access Certificate application?

The Local Government Management Agency has published an excellent sample based approach to making a DAC application which we would encourage you to follow.  The guide includes information on

  • the regulations and outlining works for which a DAC is required,
  • drawing guides and checklists for new projects and existing buildings
  • Sample accessibility Symbols Key for your drawings
  • An example of a technical report and drawings for a new single storey building prepared by the OPW


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