Dublin City Development Plan 2005 - 2011

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This document contains the development plan and an its objectives

  1 None
Restaurants, Cafés and Take Aways 2 1 per 150 sq. m. seating area
  3 1 per 50 sq.m. seating area


The Record of Protected Structures

The Record of Protected Structures lists the structures that have been afforded protection by the development plan. This includes structures of architectural, historical, archaeological, artistic, cultural, social, scientific or technical importance. Read more information about the Record of Protected Structures and its alterations and additions or deletions in our Conservation Section.

An overview of progress made during the lifetime of the Dublin City Development Plan 2005-2011 was presented to the Economic Development, Planning & International Affairs Strategic Policy Committee on 25th Nov 2008.  Download this overview or read an up-to-date list of variations