The Creative Dublin Alliance

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The Creative Dublin Alliance is a network led by the Chief Executive, with members drawn from the most senior level in Local Government, Commerce, Industry, Education, State Agencies and Not-for-Profit Sector.  The role of the Alliance is to identify challenges and issues of citywide significance that could most effectively be dealt with through the synergies created in the Alliance. The management and administration of the Alliance is carried out by the Economic Development Unit.

Alliance Objectives:

  • Create a clear vision that unifies around the strengths and future potential of Dublin City Region.
  • Build a Dublin Region that is supportive of its people by encouraging innovation and enterprise.
  • Continue to grow an internationally renowned higher education and research sector.
  • Communicate, show and engage people in the variety of entrepreneurial initiatives that are occurring in the Dublin City Region.
  • Encourage an open, merit based, tolerant and inclusive society that promotes well-being.
  • Develop a high quality information, communications and transport network.

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