Review of the Economic Development Action Plan

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The Economic Action Plan sets out the key priorities for the development of Dublin as an internationally competitive city region. Its aim is to position the Dublin City Region, the engine of Ireland’s economy, as a significant hub in the European knowledge economy through a network of thriving sectoral and spatial clusters providing a magnet for creative talent and investment.

It takes the involvement of many stakeholders to turn this vision into a reality and it is for this reason that the Economic Action Plan is a core project of the Creative Dublin Alliance. The Alliance has the membership of the four main Higher Educational Institutions in Dublin, UCD, Trinity, DCU and the DIT, along with the Dublin Chamber of Commerce, Ibec, the IDA and Enterprise Ireland.

Along with the work of the Dublin Regional Authority and the Economic Development Units in each of the Dublin Local Authorities to co-ordinate the delivery of the Action Plan, an intrinsic part of measuring the impact of the Economic Action Plan is the development of City Indicators and ongoing monitoring of Dublin’s performance in international benchmarking. This reveals Dublin’s international profile and highlights areas of concern, that then become the focus of efforts through the Economic Action Plan

The Action Plan is a working document that has been developed to suit the purpose for which is was built – to focus on measures that will address the current economic challenges Dublin faces to better position it for future economic growth in a global market. The Review is an important part of the process and the outcome will be a refined plan with a renewed focus on its delivery across all stakeholders.