Architectural Conservation Areas

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The Architectural Conservation Area (ACA) aims to identify areas of special character and architectural interest and to preserve that special character. The goal is to provide a framework that will permit a degree of flexibility in terms of design consistent with the maintenance and improvement of the essential character of the ACA. To fulfil this objective all new development in the area of the ACA should be implemented and carried out in accordance with the outlined policies/objectives.  There are currently 23ACAs within Dublin City

  1. Download the O'Connell Street ACA  adopted 9th July 2001
    O'Connell Street ACA Map
  2. Download the Grafton Street & Environs ACA  adopted 3rd July 2006
  3. Download the Prospect Square-De Courcy Square  and Environs ACA  adopted 26th February 2007
  4. Download the South City Retail Quarter ACA  adopted 5th March 2007
  5. Download the Dartmouth Square and Environs ACA  adopted 4th February 2008
  6. Download the Capel Street and Environs ACA  adopted 5th January 2009
  7. Download the Marino Casino ACA  adopted 11th May 2009
  8. Download the Thomas Street and Environs ACA  adopted 7th September 2009
  9. Download the Chapelizod and Environs ACA  adopted 7th December 2009
  10. Download the Fitzwilliam Square  and Environs ACA  adopted 7th December 2009
  11. Download the Mountjoy Square ACA adopted 14th May 2012
  12. Download the Westmoreland Park ACA Document adopted 5th November 2012
  13. Download the Sandymount ACA Document adopted  2nd September 2013
  14. Download the Temple Place ACA Document adopted 10th June 2013
  15. Download the Colliers Avenue ACA adopted 12th May 2014
  16. Download the Elmpark Avenue and Elmwood Avenue ACA adopted  7th July 2014
  17. Download the Ranelagh Avenue ACA adopted 7th July 2014
  18. Download the Crumlin ACA adopted 3rd November 2014
  19. Download the Belmont Avenue/Mount Eden Road & Environs ACA adopted 11th of January 2016
  20. Download the Phibsborough Centre ACA adopted 5th October 2015
  21. Download the Great Western Square ACA adopted 5th October 2015
  22. Download the Haddon Road, Victoria Road ACA adopted 12th June 2017
  23. Download the Hollybrook Road ACA adopted 12th June 2017

The O'Connell Street ACA and the Grafton Street & Environs ACA are also areas of special planning control. Read more about the Special Planning Control Schemes.


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