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The conservation principles of care and protection of Dublin’s built heritage are set out under Part IV of the Planning and Development Act as amended 2010. Planning & Development Act 2000, Part IV Architectural HeritageSee also Planning & Development (Amendment) Act 2010


Heritage Council

Bat, Birds, Buildings & You / Supplementary Info 
This publication raises awareness of the legal protection afforded to bats and birds often roost and nest in buildings that people also use .

The Care Of Stained Glass
A practical guide to the conservation and preservation of stained glass in Ireland.

Dublin City Heritage Office

The Dublin City Heritage Office publishes a wide variety of guidelines, reports and plans about the history and character of our city. View a list of the Heritage Office publications relating to built heritage in Dublin City.

Other Dublin City Council Publications

Lower Rathmines Road, Conservation and Urban Regeneration Study, 2005 
This publication sets out practical steps for conserving the historic buildings that define the east side of Lower Rathmines Road and for improving the public realm with the purpose of stimulating the urban regeneration of the area.

Sandymount Village Design Statement, 2011.
Sandymount Village Design Statement (VDS) has been undertaken by the Sandymount Residents in partnership with Dublin City Council and the Heritage Council under the Heritage Council’s new community-led National Village Design Statement Programme II. It is the ‘Pilot’ VDS for Dublin City. Sandymount VDS provides an innovative example of how local communities can become actively involved in environmental planning and management matters, to promote and enhance the ‘sense of place and identity’ of historic urban villages and to improve the overall quality of life for residents.

South Georgian Dublin Townhouse Re-Use Guidance Document
This report sets out a range of architectural issues and solutions in adapting the Georgian Townhouse typology to primarily residential uses and, in doing so, to improving use mix and residential intensification within Dublin’s Georgian areas.

Energy Efficiency & Traditional Buildings

There are a number of recent Scottish and English publications relating to Energy Efficiency in Traditional Buildings which can provide useful guidance and information. 

The Technical Research Unit at Historic Scotland is at the forefront of technical research relating to the built environment. They are seeking to develop and improve our understanding of traditional materials, construction techniques and issues affecting the built environment. These technical papers will be of interest to owners of protected and historic buildings as well as conservation professionals. The papers address sustainable conservation issues including thermal performance, embodied energy, energy efficient materials and heating systems, indoor air quality with applied practical cases studies.

Climate Change and Your Home English Heritage maintains this website which provides information, publications and advice to help building owners understand more about the potential impacts of climate change and ways to save energy if they own or manage an older building. 

Changeworks are an environmental charity and social enterprise working in collaboration with public and third sector organisations, schools, communities and businesses to enable people to live and work in a more sustainable. Their links with Historic Scotland places them  at the forefront of practical research projects in relation to historic buildings and energy efficiency. Following their recent Solid Wall Insulation Conference, they have published a report entitled Solid Wall Insulation in Scotland: exploring barriers, solutions and approaches which provides the main findings from the conference and an overview of the current state of affairs in regard to solid wall insulation. Click here to find a number of other relevant technical guides