Part VIII for Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market

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A Part VIII application was submitted on 1st October 2014 for part change of use, renovations and improvements to the Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market which presently is underutilized and presents a dilapidated appearance to the public. 
The change of use addresses the introduction of a retail food market and café/ restaurants within the envelope of the existing wholesale food market building, including the provision of a flexible and secure internal layout. 
A detailed description of the proposed works is set out on the drawings and in the conservation report that accompanies the Part VIII. 
Plans and Particulars of the proposed development will be available for inspection for a period of six weeks from Wednesday 1st October 2014 until Thursday 13th November 2014 at the offices of Dublin City Council, Public Counter, Planning Department, Block 4 East, Ground Floor Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8.  Dublin City Council Housing Office Parnell Street Dublin 1 from Monday – Friday 09.00hrs – 13.00hrs and 13.45hrs to 16.30hrs 
A submission or observation in relation to the proposed development may be made, in writing, to the Executive Manager, Planning Department, Dublin City Council, Civic Offices, Wood Quay, Dublin 8, before 16.30hrs on Thursday 27th November 2014