URBACT II – Urban Sustainable Environmental Actions

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URBACT II is a European Programme that aims to foster the exchange of experience among European cities and to capitalise on and disseminate knowledge on all issues relating to sustainable urban development. The City of Dublin is currently part of a network under URBACT II looking at re using and re-functionalising of inner urban areas to reduce urban sprawl. 
This network is called USEACT (Urban Sustainable Environmental Actions) and comprises of ten partner cities including Dublin. The aim of USEACT is to define ways to achieve opportunities for people and businesses to settle in already developed areas without consumption of further land, thanks to new planning and partnership approaches. To  develop construction and real estate economies, making the most of the historic building heritage and related character, reducing energy consumption in buildings and cutting back on further infrastructure building/management costs. For more information about URBACT, visit www.urbact.eu
This project is at implementation phase and each partner will prepare a Local Action Plan (LAP). The LAP of the city of Dublin concentrates on the LUAS red line corridor (Middle Abbey to Collins Barracks):
  • A strategy at city level to expedite the redevelopment of vacant and underused lands and sites within the area footprint for employment, residential and mixed use purposes;
  • Focus on finding solutions specifically for vacant or rundown heritage buildings/underutilised sites


John O’Hara
Project Co-ordinator 
Planning Department 
Dublin City Council