Appeal a Planning Decision

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Appeal a planning decision

If you are dissatisfied with a planning decision made by Dublin City Council for any reason, you can appeal against it, e.g. if you are unhappy the conditions attached.

However, you can only appeal a decision if:

  1. It concerns a planning application made by you.
  2. It concerns a planning application against which you have already submitted an observation, i.e. when the development was originally proposed. Find out how to submit an observation.

Submit a planning appeal

An Bord Pleanála deals with all planning appeals for local authorities. To submit an appeal, contact An Bord Pleanála at the address below.

You must submit your appeal within 4 weeks of the decision made by Dublin City Council.

In the event that no appeal is made, planning permission will be granted in full shortly after the appeal period has expired.

For more information

An Bord Pleanála
64 Marlborough Street
Dublin 1

Tel: (01) 858 8100
Fax: (01) 872 2684