Community and Social Infrastructure Audit of the Draft Phibsborough / Mountjoy Local Area Plan

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This purpose of the 'Community and Social Infrastructure Audit of the Draft Phibsborough / Mountjoy Local Area Plan ' report is to provide an audit of the existing community facilities serving the Phibsborough/Mountjoy area. It provides information on the key population changes occurring in the catchment area and the potential demographic changes arising from the redevelopment opportunities within this area. The report contains an audit of the existing social infrastructure in the area relating to:

  • open space and recreation,
  • education,
  • health and social services facilities,
  • cultural facilities,
  • religious and community facilities and retail provision.

These facilities are assessed to ascertain if there any shortfalls in service provision, particularly in light of future demographic changes. Recommendations are then made for the future development of community services to overcome current deficits.
It is noted that a detailed Community Consultation Day took place on the 26th of May 2007. This was co-ordinated by Dublin City Council Planning and Development Department. This exercise formed part of the pre-draft consultation for the Local Area Plan for the Phibsborough Mountjoy area that was initiated in February 2007. Invitations were sent to public representatives, those invited to previous meetings and all those who had made pre-draft submissions on the LAP. The discussions followed 6 key themes including:

  • Identifying Phibsborough, identifying with Phibsborough
  • Making and Urban Village
  • Developing a Sustainable Community
  • Community Facilities – Assets and Gaps
  • Movement and Public Transport
  • Public Amenities and Open Space

Where relevant, this report makes reference to issues raised during this community consultation exercise, particularly in relation to shortfalls in community and social infrastructure that were identified by those attending the consultation day. A summary of the key issues raised at the Community Consultation Day is contained in Appendix 1. The issues are outlined in further detail in Section 9 of this report.