New traffic management scheme for College Green comes into effect on July 27th

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New traffic management scheme for College Green comes into effect on July 27th

  • College Green Bus Corridor will operate Monday to Friday during morning and evening peak traffic periods
  • Corridor will improve traffic flow through Dublin city centre for buses, taxis and cyclists benefitting commuters, shoppers and visitors


Monday, July 20th

Dublin City Council has today announced that the College Green Bus Corridor will be introduced on Monday, July 27th.

The College Green Bus Corridor is a new traffic management scheme that is designed to ease the flow of public transport through Dublin city centre during the morning and evening peak traffic periods.  It is a measure aimed at solving one of the major bottlenecks in the Dublin traffic network. Between 7am and 10am, and 4pm and 7pm (Monday to Friday) only buses, taxis and cyclists will be able to travel through College Green in either direction.

The scheme is designed to divert non-essential or through traffic onto alternative routes during the morning and evening peak periods.  The College Green Bus Corridor will ease delays resulting in a reduction in journey times for commuters, shoppers and visitors. Full access to car parks will be retained during these periods and there will be no change to traffic arrangements outside of these times.

The new scheme will deliver:

  • Improved speed, punctuality and reliability for public transport
  • Improved taxi speeds
  • A traffic calmed environment  with easier access for shoppers and businesses in the area
  • An improved environment with less delays for pedestrians


All bus operators will benefit from the scheme including Dublin Bus, Bus Éireann and private bus operators such as Aircoach. The scheme design will ensure that current levels of accessibility are maintained and that the city centre will be greatly enhanced as a place to work, to shop and do business in.

Commenting on the introduction of the College Green Bus Corridor, Tim Brick (Executive Manager, Dublin City Council) stated:
“The College Green Bus Corridor is designed to ease the flow of public transport through College Green. It will lessen traffic in a major bottleneck resulting in a reduction in journey times for commuters, shoppers and visitors. It will benefit pedestrians in the city centre whilst also improving road conditions for cyclists due to reduced traffic volumes in the area.

“For private cars users, the city remains open and accessible. However, individuals may have to change their normal routes Monday to Friday during morning and evening peak periods when the college Green Bus Corridor is in operation.

“The College Green Bus Corridor is a natural progression in traffic management in Dublin City, just like the changes to traffic flow around St Stephen’s Green or the pedestrianisation of Grafton Street and Henry Street. We know the new corridor will take some getting used to, as is the case with all changes of this type. However these new arrangements offer commuters and shoppers access to quicker and more reliable bus and taxi services – a benefit to us all.”

Paddy Doherty (Business Development Manager, Dublin Bus) commented:

“In recent years, bus speeds and reliability along the route between Parnell Square and St Stephens Green/Dame Street have been unacceptable.  At times it can take buses up to 40 minutes to travel the length of O’Connell St through to Kildare St.  The College Green Bus Corridor will significantly reduce travel times for public transport users who use the buses that pass through College Green at peak times.

“Dublin Bus strongly supports the introduction of this scheme which will bring substantial benefits to all city centre bus users. To mark the launch, Dublin Bus is delighted to offer a special City Centre Fare which, for just 50 cent, will allow travel within an area from Parnell Square to St. Stephens Green. A new map highlighting the most frequent routes and stops to use will be produced to assist customers to avail of the promotion.

“Details will be available from press advertisements,  and we will have special on-street personnel deployed around the area over the next few weeks assisting customers. The City Centre Fare will link up the main shopping and business areas and will encourage people to make maximum use of all city centre attractions.”

PJ Timmins (President, Dublin Chamber of Commerce) commented:

“Road space is limited in our city centre, and we all know this can lead to problems during the morning and evening ‘rush hour’. The College Green Bus Corridor provides faster and more reliable public transport options into the city, allowing more commuters to switch from their cars. It also provides a better connection between the main shopping areas north and south of the Liffey, enhancing the City Centre’s reputation as the leading retail destination for the country.

“Shoppers using cars can travel through College Green as normal between 10am and 4pm every weekday, after 7pm on the busy late Thursday nights, and all day Saturday and Sunday. Dublin Chamber is pleased that through engagement and consultation the interests of all road users are being accommodated in the new scheme.”

Conor Faughnan (Director of Policy, AA Ireland) commented:

“It’s an excellent initiative and should help all road users by making the city more efficient. It improves things considerably for the bus service and should not prove too disruptive for cars. AA Ireland took a full part in the debate and is happy to support the scheme”

An information campaign is currently underway to inform the public of the details of the College Green Bus Corridor. This entails print and radio advertising as well as the circulation of an information leaflet and map giving details of alternative routes that car users can take during the hours of operation of the corridor.

Temporary electronic signage is also in place on key city centre routes to assist car users during the introduction of the scheme.  These are situated at various locations on or in the vicinity of the Quays and also at High Street, New Street, Dame Street, Amiens Street, Pearse Street and Gardiner Street. Permanent electronic signage is also situated at various locations in the vicinity of College Green and at Nicholas Street.


For further information on this scheme please see the following:

For more information

Transport 21 Project Office
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 Tel: 01 222 8600