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Register iconThe most recent Your Dublin, Your Voice survey sought responses on people’s views on and experiences of Dublin Bay.  With more than 1,000 responses the survey is now closed. The results will feed directly into a report to UNESCO on the biosphere at Bull Island and into further strategies for Dublin Bay. A summary of results will be available here shortly. The draw of all completed entries will take place during September 2014 and winners will be notified by email. Thanks to all who responded – both in English and as Gaeilge.

Up to 4,000 members are now registered to the “Your Dublin Your Voice” opinion panel.

Sign up and let us know you views on Dublin

We want to hear from anyone over 18 that lives, works, visits or studies in the Dublin region. This is your unique chance to tell us what you really think about the city region and to shape its future direction. You can register here to participate in regular surveys. Survey respondents are entered into prize draws to win fantastic prizes.   

Past winners have received helicopter, bus and walking tours of the city, an i-Pad 3, Dublin Town vouchers, hotel vouchers, lunches, dinners, chocolates and free entry into key Dublin attractions.

We would like to thank all those who donated reduced rate and free prizes to Your Dublin, Your Voice including Irish Helicopters, Pat Liddy Walking Tours, Dublin Bus, the James Joyce Centre, Dublin City Gallery The Hugh Lane, the GAA Museum at Croke Park,the Dublin Writer's Museum, The Ark Children's Cultural Centre, Dublin Town, The Pavilion Theatre, Castletown House, Dublin City Hall, Dublin Zoo, Butlers Chocolates and Dublinia.

Your Dublin, Your Voice – a civic engagement initiativeYour Dublin Your Voice Logo

Your Dublin, Your Voice is an exciting initiative of the four Dublin local authorities that gives Dubliners and visitors a unique opportunity to provide opinions and views on what they love, like and despair at in the capital. The project seeks feedback and suggestions, via online surveys, on a range of issues that impact on quality of life in Dublin. 

Launched in October 2010, the project has established Dublin’s first opinion panel for the city region.  The panel now boasts some 4,000 members representing men and women of all ages and backgrounds including some 50 nationalities and hailing from every county in Ireland.

Your Dublin, Your Voice is a highly cost effective mechanism for public sector decision makers to draw on the combined views, values, experiences, knowledge and skills of the true stakeholders in any city – its citizens. – in order to drive change for the region. 

In between surveys you can keep the opinions and comments coming on Twitter and Facebook. We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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Your Dublin, Your Voice, Surveys and Results 2010 - 2014

Your Dublin, Your Voice Special Survey on behalf of the FAI bid to host Euro 2020 matches

In March 2014 more than 1,300 people gave their opinions and suggestions on a Dublin bid to host games for the UEFA Euro 202 Finals.  The FAI and Dublin City Council have now submitted the bid proposal, including results from the Your Dublin, Your Voice survey.  UEFA will announce the list of successful bid cities in September 2014.  Congratulations to Your Dublin, Your Voice panellist Amanda Murray who won the Google Nexus 7 tablet and to Joseph Shanks who won two VIP tickets to the next senior international qualifying match in Aviva Stadium, Republic of Ireland v Gibraltar, Euro 2016 Qualifier.

Your Dublin, Your Voice – Getting on in Dublin

Dubliners feel economy is improving but personal finances have not picked up

The most recent Your Dublin, Your Voice survey asked citizens how they are managing to get by at the moment.  How do they feel about their personal financial situation and how confident are they in economic recovery?  What level of interest is there among people in starting a business?  And what issues do people intend to raise with local election candidates on the doorsteps?

Carried out in December 2013 some 1,417 people responded to the latest Your Dublin, Your Voice survey, Getting on in Dublin.  Although 92% of respondents were Irish, 37 other nationalities completed the survey.

YDYV found that while some 55% of respondents felt more confident about the state of the Irish economy compared to one year ago, a similar proportion (53%) actually indicated that they personally were, in fact, worse off financially than last year.  Furthermore over one third of respondents expected to be worse off next year.  Financial pressure was the biggest worry for 42% of respondents, followed by work / job security (17%) and health (13%).  Half of people had family or friends who had to emigrate in the last 4 years because they could not find suitable employment

Women, people aged 46 – 65 and those with dependent children feeling less confident and more worried; younger age groups feeling brighter about the future.

  • Those aged 46 – 65 and those with dependent children felt that their personal financial situation  was worse than one year previously with 46 – 65 year olds most likely to describe themselves as feeling ‘angry’ about the state of the Irish economy
  • 18 – 30 year olds were most likely to feel ‘hopeful’ about the economy and to anticipate better personal financial health in one year’s time.
  • Just under half of all respondents indicated that the recession had had a major negative impact on their finances - one from which they had not yet recovered.  Again this was especially true for those aged 46 – 65 years and those with dependent children.
  • A majority (85%) worry a bit or a lot about their household finances, with more women than men and more people with dependent children than more likely to indicate that they worry a lot.
  • Some 63% of respondents rated their children’s quality of life as better than their own when they were a child
  • However, mothers are more likely than fathers to feel that their children’s quality of life is not as good as theirs was as a child and women feel that their own quality of life is worse than that of their parents at the same age.
  • Men were more likely than women to consider starting up a new business, as were those aged 18 – 30 and those without dependent children.
  • 36% of respondents indicated that they relied on family or friends to meet some day to day living needs with women and people with dependent children more likely to do so.
  • 48% of YDYV respondents indicated that they provided regular financial or in-kind assistance to family or friends in a vulnerable financial situation; those over age 65 were more likely to be providing this kind of assistance to others.

The top four topics people wished to discuss with local election candidates were employment, the national economy, public transport and water.  A further 176 respondents mentioned accountability of public servants and representatives and political reform as issues to raise with local election candidates.

Just 18% of respondents indicated that they would consider setting up a new business in the next 1 – 2 years.  This proportion was higher among men, those aged 18 – 30 years and people who did not have dependent children.

Your Dublin, Your Voice – Shaping Dublin

In May and June 2013 more than 1,200 people completed the Shaping Dublin survey, with every county in Ireland and 31 nationalities represented. Although the survey only took an average of ten minutes to complete, it yielded a huge amount of results along several themes. You can read the results here in two separate documents reflecting the two main topics – City Living and Local Government and a Directly Elected Mayor for Dublin. The results were fed directly into on-going work on making the city more liveable for families with children and the debate on a directly elected mayor for the region.

Antonio Nervini was the lucky winner of a €300 voucher for Dublin’s Westbury Hotel. 

Image of Lord Mayor with Antonio Nervini who was the lucky winner of a €300 voucher for Dublin’s Westbury Hotel.

Your Dublin, Your Voice – Making Dublin Digital

Photo of Lord Mayor with Your Dublin Your Voice Winner

Making Dublin Digital was carried out during July and August 2012 when almost 2,000 Your Dublin, Your Voice panelists gave their views and experiences on the day-to-day value of digital technology, the quality of the broadband offering, the usability of government websites and how the city region can function as a better place to live, work and visit by integrating digital technologies into all aspects of the urban environment. The results of the Making Dublin Digital survey continue to feed into a Digital Masterplan for the Dublin City Region which will be published in June 2013 as part of a campaign to ensure Dublin’s place at the top tier of Digital Cities worldwide.

Your Dublin, Your Voice –Shopping and Socializing in the City

During June and July 2011, some 2,000 people responded to the Your Dublin, Your Voice survey on the shopping and social scene in the capital.  People gave detail of their preferences for socializing and dining out in Dublin as well as a wealth of suggestions as to how these experiences could be improved.  The results of the shopping and social survey were disseminated to retail, business and tourist associations as well as public policymakers and city planners.

Your Dublin, Your Voice –Living, Working and Studying in the City

The first Your Dublin, Your Voice survey during the period October to December 2010 represented the first public opinion panel of its kind to be run by Dublin City Council.  With almost 2,300 respondents, representing some 60 nationalities and hailing from every county in Ireland it was clear that Your Dublin, Your Voice had the potential to engage people and to gather the important views and experiences of people from all age groups and backgrounds with a connection or interest in how Dublin develops in the coming years.  The results of the first survey were presented and debated at a Hear It, Debate it, Change it workshop. 

Thanks for you support and feedback

We are extremely grateful for your feedback and responses and are taking what you say very seriously. Membership of the panel continues to grow and we now have some 4,000 members. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends to register their interest in becoming a member of the panel. You can also like us on Facebook.

Data Protection

Your details will not be used for any purposes other than that of registration to Dublin City Council's opinion panel and participation in follow up surveys. Subsequent contact to participate in further surveys (up to a maximum of four times per year) will be conducted by our independent research partner Delve Research on behalf of Dublin City Council. As a panel member you will always have the option of unsubscribing and removing your details from our panel listing. 

Read our Data Protection Code of Practice

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1. Your details will not be used for any purposes other than that of registration to Dublin City Council's opinion panel and participation in follow up surveys.  Subsequent contact to participate in further surveys will be conducted by our independent research partner Delve Research on behalf of Dublin City Council.  As a panel member you will always have the option of unsubscribing and removing your details from our panel listing.  Future surveys will carry additional prizes for participation.

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