GoCar to operate capital’s first on-street Car Club from today

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Dublin City Council’s new bye-laws regulating the operation of on-street car clubs come into effect today, Thursday 1st August.  To mark the occasion, Dublin’s Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn will present the city’s first on-street Car Club licence to Colm Brady, Managing Director of GoCar in the forecourt of the Mansion House, at 11am.
From today consumers can hire 50 GoCar vehicles by the hour from 31 pay-and-display locations in the capital. All locations are highly visible and convenient and include Barrow St, Stoneybatter, Arran Quay, the Docklands, Drumcondra, Rathgar, IFSC, Clontarf and Donnybrook. Members using on-street GoCars won’t be charged for parking at any pay-and-display parking space when using a GoCar as this is covered by the permit fee GoCar pays to the council. To join see www.gocar.ie
Other Car Club operators can apply to the council for a licence to operate on-street Car Clubs from Dublin City Council’s 30,000 pay-and-display parking spaces.
“Dublin City Council wants Car Clubs operating from on-street parking spaces because we believe they will play an important role in improving traffic management in the city. Research shows that the number of miles people drive goes down and there is an increase in walking and cycling as Car Clubs become established” says Dublin’s Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn.
Colm Brady, Managing Director, GoCar, commented, “This is a big turning point for GoCar, drivers in Dublin who sign up to GoCar will have convenient and affordable access to vehicles right across the city.  Over time GoCar should reduce the number of vehicles commuting into the city centre so it is a clean, convenient and innovative travel solution for those living and working in Dublin.  From today you will see 50 gleaming white vehicles with the green GoCar insignia parked around the city.”
“Car clubs like GoCar have been hugely successful in a host of major European and US cities to date and the concept is rapidly catching on now in Ireland.”
Dublin City Council sees many other benefits in Car Clubs:

  • The availability of Car Clubs can reduce the need for people to access the city in private transport. Potentially one Car Club vehicle could replace 15 privately owned cars accessing the city centre. This can result in more efficient use of pay-and-display spaces
  • A reduction in private cars using the city centre will allow public transport run more efficiently
  • Once Car Clubs become established people tend to walk and cycle more and drive less. This results in fewer emissions
  • Typically, Car Club vehicles are smaller and newer models. These are often more fuel efficient 
  • To view the Bye-Laws see:


Notes to the Editor

Key features in the on-street Car Club Bye-Laws 2013

  • All on-street Car Club operators must apply to and receive a licence from Dublin City Council. A licence is valid for a period of 36 months from its date of issue
  • An operator must also provide Public Liability Insurance, an indemnity to Dublin City Council and an up-to-date tax clearance certificate
  • Dublin City Council may define the upper limit on the number of vehicles operating under any one licence
  • Operators must insure vehicles are serviced in accordance with manufacturers’ standards and that vehicles are maintained to the legal road-worthy standard
  • Under the bye-laws, Car club operators can use pay-and-display spaces either on a pay-as-you-go basis or by purchasing an annual Car Club permit for each Car Club vehicle they operate from Dublin City Council. 

GoCar Rates 

GoCar is a members’ only car sharing service that allows members to rent cars and vans by the hour. The vehicles are located at convenient locations around Dublin and Cork. GoCar is charged by the hour and kilometer. The hourly rate between 8am - 8pm is €4.99 and it is €2.49 between 8pm - 8am. GoCar charge just 45c per KM and only €40 for a 24hr reservation. There is a one-off joining fee of €50 which includes €15 GoCar credit and there is a monthly admin fee of €5.  GoCar insure the vehicles, pay the road tax, insurance and cover all fuel costs.

How to use a GoCar Vehicle

Access the vehicle with your swipe card and enter your pin number to release the keys and you’re off!
How to book and find an available GoCar in Dublin

To book a GoCar and to check availability see www.gocar.ie
Where to find and leave a GoCar in Dublin

The 35 new GoBases, which will be active from 1st August, are to be located across Dublin city in locations such as the IFSC, Hanover Quay, Talbot Street, Mount Street Lower, Drumcondra, Rathgar, Raheny and Milltown. The full list of GoBases will be available on www.gocar.ie .
GoCar Key Stats
700+  GoCar Members
57      Vehicles
50      GoCars in Dublin
44      GoBases in Dublin
5        GoBases in Cork