Help in preventing homelessness

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Are You Worried About Losing Your Home?

There are services in place to help prevent you from losing your home, if you are finding it difficult to pay your rent.
You can contact homeless and housing support service prior to becoming homeless

  • Threshold (National Housing Charity) 1890 334 334 / 085 7893685
  • Focus Ireland Coffee Shop 01 6712555

Taking early action to prevent homelessness is a key priority for the Dublin Region Homeless Executive, both over the Christmas period and moving into 2014.
We would like to appeal to families and persons who are at risk of homelessness to contact preventative housing information and other advice services, as soon as they start encountering problems in keeping up with their rent.

Housing information services such as Threshold and Focus Ireland Coffee Shop are easily accessible and prevent people becoming homeless on a daily basis and should be contacted immediately if a person is worried or feels that they are at risk of losing their home. These services will either help people directly in relation to maintaining their home or will contact other relevant services that may be able to provide helpful information and guidance on the next steps forward.
One of these relevant nationwide information services that may be able to help is the Citizens Information Service. To locate a centre close to you check out or call the Citizens Information Phone Service (CIPS) 0761 07 4000 it is open 9am-8pm Monday to Friday. Another useful online resource is

In addition, the Focus Ireland Coffee Shop, which is centrally located in Dublin city will be open over the Christmas period.

It becomes much more difficult to make effective interventions when a person or family has left their rental accommodation or housing. If problems in relation to a tenancy can be identified early, effective steps can be taken to divert persons away from homelessness and into accommodation that is stable, secure and more affordable in the longer-term period.

Information and advice can provide support in the following ways:

  • Helping tenants remain in their home, where they have been given invalid notice or have been threatened with eviction.
  • Helping address rent arrears through negotiations with landlords.
  • Identifying welfare and other supports that will enable tenants to remain in their home.
  • Identifying alternative accommodation options.

Contact Information and advice services for homeless prevention assistance include:

Tel: 1890 334 334 / 085 7893685 (Emergency Homeless Prevention Service 10am to 4pm over the Christmas period)

Citizens Information Service
Tel: 0761 074000 (9am to 8pm Monday to Friday)

Focus Ireland Coffee Shop
Tel: 01 6712555
15 Eustace Street, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 (opening Hours 10am to 4pm over Christmas period)