dublinbikes expansion details announced

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The Lord Mayor of Dublin, Naoise Ó Muirí, today announced details of the proposed expansion of the dublinbikes scheme which will be put before the members of Dublin City Council at next Monday’s meeting.

The scheme has been embraced with resounding enthusiasm by the people of Dublin city. Since its introduction there have been over 5 million dublinbikes journeys made.  Dublin City Council has been inundated with expressions of interest to have this scheme expanded.

The Lord Mayor said “Dublin City Council’s dublinbikes scheme in association with JCDecaux is one of the most successful public bike rental schemes worldwide. The proposed expansion provides for 58 additional stations, 950 additional bikes and around 2,000 additional bike stands. These stands will be sited in the west of the city in the Heuston area and to the east in the Docklands area. It is hoped that works will commence this October and be completed during July 2014.”

The Lord Mayor added “The expanded bike scheme will provide for improved linkages in the city, the generation of 29 new jobs, the delivery of Government policy in relation to public transport and will further enhance the reputation of Dublin as a forward thinking and innovative city.”

At present there are 33,000 long term dublinbikes subscribers, with the bikes being used on a daily basis anywhere up to 7,000 times.

Notes to the Editor:

The dublinbikes scheme went live in September 2009 and consisted of 40 bike stations, 450 bikes and 795 stands. It had an immediate and dramatic impact, far exceeding all expectations regarding popularity and use. So popular was the scheme that the City Council within a very short period of time had to address issues arising from the unanticipated demand and popularity of the scheme. In early 2010, a capacity expansion was carried out which provided for an additional 4 new bike stations, 100 additional bikes and c300 additional stands.

dublinbikes Expansion

The existing dublinbikes scheme consists of 44 bike stations, 550 bikes, 1,087 stands and has an overall value of €33.391 million over a 15 year period. The proposed expansion is based on the provision of an additional 58 new stations, an extension to one of the existing stations, 950 new bikes and c2,000 additional cycle stands. The proposed expansion will result in the overall provision of 102 dublinbikes stations, 1,500 bikes and a total of c3,000 cycle stands. The expansion includes the Docklands area in the east and the Heuston/Kilmainham areas in the west of the city and these areas were identified in the dublinbikes longer-term strategy document which was approved by the City Council in 2010.