Statement with regard to Deceased Resident at Dublin City Council Senior Citizens Complex

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Dublin City Council extends its deepest condolences to the family and relatives of Brian Corr, RIP, who died at our Senior Citizens Complex at Beggars Bush recently.
Mr. Corr’s untimely death is currently being investigated by An Garda Siochána for the purposes of a Coroner’s Inquest.
With regard to our housing policy, Dublin City Council operates a 5 day Housing Liaison Officer Service to all residents, if they elect to use it, at each of our Complexes citywide. However, a number of residents have chosen not to avail of this Liaison Service and we respect their wishes for privacy and to live independently.
It should be stressed that every unit in each of our Senior Citizens Complexes is fitted with a number of strategically placed monitored panic alarms, linked to a central control centre, which our residents can activate if in distress or in need of assistance. The City Council will react immediately once notified of an alarm activation. Furthermore, if we receive a call from a concerned relative of one of our senior citizens, we will make contact with the resident, even if the person concerned has elected not to avail of the Housing Liaison service.
As the matter is currently the subject of a Coroner’s Inquest, we will not be making any further comment at this time.