Trinity to host Euro Space Expo - the final frontier for improved traffic management

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ERTICO Europe has announced preliminary details of the ninth ITS European (Intelligent Transport Systems) Congress which Dublin city will host. The Congress will take place at the Convention Centre, Dublin Docklands from 4-7 June. The Congress will bring approximately 1,800 participants to Dublin and is the biggest ITS event taking place in Europe in 2013.
The highlight for many people will be the European Space Expo, an associated event of the ITS European Congress, which will be on display in Trinity College Front Square from 4th -9th June. This is the first time the European Space Association’s European Space Expo has visited Dublin and the first time it’s ever been at a university or college campus.

The European Space Expo is a free, public event which has toured Europe.  It explores the practical results of Europe’s investment in space exploration and will feature an exhibition on the European Space Agency’s global satellite navigation system Galileo. The European Space Expo will be open from 1pm-6pm on Tuesday 4th June and from 10am to 6pm from Wednesday 5th – Sunday 9th June.

The European Space Association expects Galileo will be fully operable by the end of the decade and says it will deliver real-time, down-to-the-metre positioning in all but the most extreme circumstances. This makes it suitable for safety-critical applications like landing aircraft, guiding cars and running trains.
“ITS Ireland is very excited to have the European Space Expo as an associated event at the ITS Congress as it will give the public a chance to explore an exciting example of the real benefits of ITS. This ties in with the theme of the ITS European Congress 2013: ‘Real Solutions for Real Needs’ and highlights an ITS solution that is delivering value for money while solving real transport problems ”, says Brendan O’Brien who chairs the ITS European Congress organising committee and is Head of Technical Services with Dublin City Council’s Roads and Traffic Department.

“The Space Expo at Trinity College Dublin, is the only opportunity to experience this fantastic Expo in Ireland.  Open to the general public, at no charge, to learn about Europe’s quest to explore space, and how it benefits European citizens.  We will have speakers  during the day, sharing their interest in astronomy and space science, and it’s a chance for visitors to the Expo to chat with scientists and people working in Irish space research” says Peter Gallagher, space scientist at Trinity College Dublin.

ERTICO Chairman, Jean Mesqui, welcomes this excellent initiative: "I believe that this showcase of the European Space Expo can enhance the visibility of the important contribution of Galileo to the deployment of ITS services."
ITS is used to make transport safer, more efficient and more sustainable. Dublin has many examples in everyday use. These include RTPI displays at bus stops, integrated ticketing schemes like LEAP, Dublin City Council’s Traffic Control Centre and dublinbikes, the public bike hire scheme that has become a commuter choice in the capital.

Among the topics that will be discussed at the ITS European Congress Dublin, Convention Centre Dublin, 4-7 June are:

  • The application of cloud computing in transport planning
  • How ITS can help reduce fuel and CO2 emissions
  • The inter-operability  of charging electric vehicles
  • Urban traffic management and winter services
  • Using ITS to assist inter-city traffic management 

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At the Congress journalists will have to show their press pass/identification.
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