Grafton Street to remain open during repaving project

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Dublin City Council has announced that pedestrians and shoppers will enjoy full access to businesses on Grafton Street during the street’s repaving.

Dublin City Council today gave notice that Phase 1 of the improvement works for Grafton Street will commence at the end of May on the section of the street between South King Street and Chatham Street. Pedestrians and shoppers will be able to access the area during the works and all businesses will remain open but there will be restrictions on vehicular movements and business delivery arrangements. The Phase 1 works are expected to continue from the end of May to the end of August, when Phase 2 works will begin.

The overall improvement project for Grafton Street will take place in a series of phases in order to minimise disruption to businesses and the public. The improvements will commence next month and continue until November, with a cessation of works to facilitate the Christmas and New Year shopping periods. Works will re-commence in January 2014 and continue until November 2014.

Dublin City Council will announce more comprehensive details of the repaving project shortly. This will include more details on the phasing, the materials to be used, a communications forum for businesses and stakeholders and impressions of how the street will look when finished.

The council recently successfully replaced the water valves on the street in advance of the repaving project. The street has not been repaved since the current red brick paving was completed in 1988.


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