The Birth of Literacy

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Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn and Dublin City Council, in their role of promoting social inclusion, will host a half day seminar, The Birth of Literacy, at the Mansion House, Dawson Street, Dublin 2, on Wednesday, 6th November 2013 at 9am.
The event will focus on the value of oral language competency development in children in the early years, and the role that communities and families play in supporting and encouraging communication.
Lord Mayor Oisín Quinn said “Early childhood studies and neuroscience have shown that children’s early experiences are important in affecting health, behaviour and developmental outcomes.  It is important to remember that the development from birth to age 3 is an important stage for engaging your children. Communicating with children positively impacts the development of language concepts and skills.”
The Birth of Literacy seminar will bring together a range of inspirational speakers highlighting the issues around early development, including David Coleman, Clinical Psychologist, broadcaster and author.  David will discuss the importance of language and communication across the lifespan.  All speakers will interact with an audience from a range of Dublin city early years family and community support services. Also speaking at the seminar, Gordon Sturrock, UK Play expert identifies that, “from the earliest days as children, the play drive is what helps us learn the key skills”.
An exhibition area will highlight a number of supports available in the city such as the Dublin City Childcare Committee, Dublin City Libraries services, the National Adult Literacy Agency, and Dublin City Council Play Development Services.
A follow up report will be issued after the Seminar which will emphasise the importance of the role that communities and families play in supporting and encouraging communication and oral language development in children in the early years.
The Birth of Literacy Seminar is brought to you by the Office of the Lord Mayor and Dublin City Council.

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