Water Shut off in Dublin Region to be lifted from tonight – 7th November 2013

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Dublin City Council, on behalf of the four Dublin Local Authorities, wishes to announce that due to an increase in production at our Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant, and improvements in storage at our treated water reservoirs, the water shutdowns and severe pressure reductions that have been in place since 30th October 2013, will be lifted from this evening.
Dublin City Council, on behalf of the four Dublin Local Authorities, wishes to thank customers across the entire Dublin region for their patience during the period of water restrictions, which we had to put in place over the past week. Due to the cooperation of all water users, we managed to save a significant amount of water and our regional strategic storage, which was at an extremely and unsustainably low level over the past week, has improved.
Storage at our treated water reservoirs is currently below the level it would normally be at this time of year. We will be keeping reduced water pressure in place in the evenings over the coming weeks, to gain additional treated water storage. This is normal practice at this time of year. This will enable us to plan ahead for the high demand Christmas season, and to cater for the difficulties that the onset of extremely cold weather at this time of year can bring. Water users should not be impacted by this reduced pressure and all users should receive a return of supply this evening.
According to Michael Phillips, Dublin City Engineer, “We will continue to review and monitor production at Ballymore Eustace and the levels at our treated water reservoirs on an ongoing basis. We strongly urge consumers all over the Dublin Region to help conserve water by restricting their use of water during the day as much as possible. By making very small adjustments to some of our daily activities, we can help to significantly reduce the volume of water we use without impacting on our lifestyle. I would encourage everyone to visit www.taptips.ie which provides easy to follow and valuable tips on how to conserve water. If all of our customers implement simple conservation measures, this would also significantly reduce the likelihood of future restrictions being implemented which could arise from extremely cold weather or from issues with water production.”
Water is Precious, Let’s conserve it!
Note to the Editor

Easy Water Saving Tips include (www.taptips.ie):

  • Keeping a jug of water in the fridge instead of running the tap - running a tap for one minute to produce one cold glass of water wastes 6 litres of water;  
  • Not delaying in the shower - 10 minutes in a power-shower uses 250 litres of water – two-and-a-half times more than a bath does (100 litres);
  • Turning the tap off for two minutes while brushing your teeth will save 12 litres of water;
  • Turn the dishwasher and washing machine on only when they have a full load;
  • Minimising use of the flush on toilets and if using a dual flush system, use buttons 1 (small flush) and 2 (large flush) correctly.